This intermediate-level course will give students hands-on experience designing and developing robots. Not traditionally lecture-based, material will be delivered through an initial set of tutorial-style laboratory sessions. In the first few weeks, students will learn basic hardware components through the use of a microcontroller (e.g., the Arduino Uno). Students will then pitch and develop a robot for the remainder of the semester; a three-dimensional printer is available to produce components for student designs.

A handful of students will be chosen to pair with Rie Hachiyanagi's Art Studio students for part of the semester.

Meeting times

We will meet in Clapp 202 and Clapp 201.
 Monday          1:15 - 2:30pm
 Wednesday  1:15 - 4:05pm


Clapp 221

Office hours:

Additional help:
Luke Jaeger, CS Technical Project Admin
Clapp 219

Office hours:
  • Tuesday 2:30-3:30pm
Nick Baker, LITS liaison

Alyx Burns
Shani Mensing
Eva Snyder

Drop-in hours (held in Clapp 201)
 Day  Time  TA
 Sunday  3 - 5 pm Eva Snyder
 Monday 7 - 9 pm Shani Mensing
 Tuesday  7 - 9 pm Eva Snyder
   8 - 10 pm Alyx Burns 
 Wednesday      4 - 6 pm Shani Mensing
 Thursday 7 - 9 pm Alyx Burns 
 Friday 1/30  2 - 3:50 pm Shani Mensing 

The Media Lab can help with SketchUp
Drop-in hours (held in the Art building, room 221)
 Day  Time  TA
 Monday  2:30 - 5 pm Grace (yoo22g)
6 - 9 pm Ali (vulpe22a)
 Wednesday  1 - 4 pm Jingjing (rong22j)
   6 - 9 pm Ali (vulpe22a) 
 Thursday          2:30 - 4 pm Grace (yoo22g)
6 - 9 pm Ali (vulpe22a)