Have you ever used Google's image search tool and wondered how the search results were found? Why is it so difficult for a computer to "see" as we do? Course material will be framed in the context of computer vision, an active area of research in computer science addressing this general topic. This introduction to scientific computing will use the Python programming language and open source libraries. No prior study of computer science is expected.


Tuesday/Thursday 10 am - 11:15 am
Kendade 303
We will occasionally use Kendade 307 for hands-on lab work


Clapp 221
astjohn <at> mtholyoke.edu

Office hours: 

Tue3:30 pm - 4 pm
Thu12 pm - 1 pm

and by appointment: google calendar appt


  • Tien Dao
  • Kayla Nguyen
Drop-in hours (held in Kendade 307)

 Day Time TA
 Monday 7-9 Tien
 Tuesday 7-9 Kayla
 Thursday 7-9 Kayla 
 Saturday 1-3 Tien