K - 2

Chemistry K-2 kits are available at participating libraries. The kits contain the materials needed for the experiment, a guide written as a parent/child dialogue, and a stamp to be placed on the adult/child team's chemistry passport upon completion of the experiment. We encourage you to provide a notebook for your child to record observations and ideas as well as plan their own follow up experiments. Note that all experiments are meant to be done by both adult and a child partner. Agreement to do this with your child is required for check out of kit.  K-2 Passports are available here and your local library.  The content list for all kits is available here.

#1: Matter is made up of atoms and molecules

Kit Materials:  plastic knife, paper booklet, play dough, magnets, safety goggles.
Needed from Home:  water, pan, stove, notebook
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#3: Separating with Chromatography

Kit Materials:  rubbing alcohol, chromatography paper, beaker and cover, black pens, safety googles
Needed from Home: water, notebook
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#5: Indicators help us identify

Kit Contents:  cream of tartar, baking soda, tincture of iodine, vinegar, paint brush, pipettes, test tubes with caps, white crayon, safety goggles
Needed from home:  red cabbage, bread, water, pan, stove, notebook
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#7: Heat speeds up reactions

Kit Materials:  glow sticks, bag with circles, squares, and triangles, beaker and cap, and safety goggles
Needed from Home:  water, freezer, notebook
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#9: Breaking up with combustion

Kit Contents:  candle, vinegar, baking soda, matches, test tube, teaspoon, safety goggles.
Needed from Home:  glass, notebook
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#2: Mixing and Un-mixing in the Kitchen

Kit Materials: salt, soap, pepper, oil, sugar cube,  food coloring, balloon, lipstick, test tubes with caps, wax paper, pipettes, safety goggles
Needed from Home:  water,  plate, notebook
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#4: Polymers are chains

Kit Materials:  borax solution, Elmer's glue, pipette, stirrer, plastic bag, stencils, beaker, safety goggles
Needed from Home:  water, tape, crayons, pencil, notebook
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#6:Light is Made of Colors

Kit Contents:  card stock paper, paint (red, blue, and yellow), diffraction glasses, paint brush, cellophane, safety glasses
Needed from Home:  metal spoon, light sources, crayons, markers, scissors, notebook
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#8: Bark beetle infestation investigation: Estimation and ph eromones

Kit Contents:  scent, stick, safety goggles
Needed from Home:  notebook
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#10: Making a battery from a potato

Kit Contents:  clock with leads, battery, wire with clips, copper nails, zinc nails, safety goggles
Needed from Home:  potato or apple
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