You can think of a Chromebook as cloud-based laptop that starts up in 8 seconds. They’re powered by Google’s Chrome operating system. Everything else is composed of Web apps (email, photos, documents), or apps that run while you’re connected to a network. The high point about everything being saved in the cloud is that you’ll have access to it from any computer. Plus, if your Chromebook ever bites the dust, you won’t have to worry about losing all your apps, documents, and settings.

With the right tools, learners and educators can learn, collaborate and work across social, economic and geographic divides. Chrome is built to be fast in every way- starting up from the desktop, loading web pages, and running educational web apps. 


With Chromebooks, the focus can be on collaboration for both the learners and the educators. Schools around the world are moving beyond the four walls of their classrooms and using the web to extend their learning. MEPS is taking big steps and giving learners and educators access to the technology and tools they need to learn.