Welcome to Grade 5 
Ms. Cynthia Sana

Homework will be posted daily; students are encouraged to copy their homework during class as I am asking them to do so that they know exactly what books to pack to take home.
I will do my best to also post it on here but please be aware there may be some days there are internet issues out of my control so it is a good habit for your child to write down assignments in case that would happen.  I am looking forward to an awesome year :)
Student schedules have been stapled into their homework books in fifth grade.

Tuesday 9/4
Grade 4 Math: just look for arrays (vertical/horizontal collections of items) at home; we will discuss more in next class next time I see you and begin to work with them in class with materials that I have ready for you.There will be a pretest next week (day TBA); bring two pre-sharpened pencils to class at all times-we use only pencil, no black ink in the copybooks or workbooks, thanks. 

Wednesday 9/5
Grade 5 Math: review your multiplication facts, focus on your weak ones, can be found in the back of your homework book or math copybook if you purchased a marble copybook.  A pretest will be given on fifth grade material next week (TBA) so please review daily what we are doing in class to practice those skills (this material can be found in your copybooks-your notes are awesome).
Just a note: singing practice today in church was very good; let's keep up the great participation; there will be an end of the week treat this week for each of you for working so hard this week-we had some challenges with the heat but am glad to see the water bottles keeping you hydrated.

Thursday 9/6
Math 5: study times tables that are challenging and your copybook class notes 
Religion 5: thanks for making the sunshine cards-you made someone's day & am sure they will be appreciated by the people who are in need.
Friday 9/7
Math 5: study copybook class notes, test on Tuesday

Monday 9/10
Religion 4: complete worksheet
Religion 5: creator-share what you learned today with family
Math 6: review notes, will begin pretest tomorrow; workbook page 1 #1-12 all
Math 5: pretest tomorrow, do first lesson on ixl.com for grade 5
Math 4: do first lesson on ixl.com grade 4, spend  minimum of 15 minutes, A.1 Number Sense, thanks
Picture forms went home today for photos on the 17th

Tuesday 9/11
Religion 4: say the Morning Prayer for a family member: O God I offer you this day, all that I think, do, or say, All my work and all my play, the joy and sorrow along the way uniting this with what was done by Jesus Christ, your only Son. Amen.
Math 5: workbook page 1 odds, practice 15 minutes on ixl
Religion 5: practice Our Father and share Genesis 1 with family member
Math 6: 15 minutes/IXL
Math 4: 15 minutes/IXL, complete workbook page 3
Reminder: Back to School Night 6:30 Thursday Evening, meet in the gym

Wednesday 9/12
Math 5: workbook page 1 evens; ixl 15 minutes
Math 6: workbook page 2
Math 4: ixl 15 minutes
Religion 4: say a prayer for unborn

Thursday 9/13
Math 5: 15 minutes on ixl.com
Religion 5: quiz on Monday, look at your notes
Math 6: ixl.com
Math 4: ixl.com

Friday 9/14
ALL PACKETS need to be filled out and returned ASAP; please return the yellow nurse card ASAP; Theater papers were sent home today if interested
All NJHS applications for new students are due in Monday to me, no later, thank you

MONDAY is picture day-students are to dress in school uniform and grade 5 has gym on Monday-bring your gym clothes and sneakers to change into in a bag, THANK YOU :)
My packet from Back to School Night was sent home with your child if you were unable to attend last night
All Math classes: iXL goal: one hour 15 minutes per week
Math 4: study the highlighter facts on times tables sheet that you are unsure of, we will practice more next week
Religion 5: vocab quiz on Tuesday
Religion 4: vocab quiz on Wednesday
Attend Mass
Enjoy your weekend :)

Monday 9/17
Math Grade 5: return pretest on Thursday, must be signed if below 90, ixl 15 minutes:do grade 5 A.1 if have not done so already
Religion Grade 5: vocab quiz tomorrow on five terms, take bullying sticker home
Math Grade 6: ixl 15 minutes, return pretest on Thursday with your corrections, must be signed if below 90
Math 4: study highlighted times tables sheet, ixl: practice under 3rd grade C.1 add two digits and C.6 add three digits per Ms. Kobishop-due Friday of this week 9/21
Religion Grade 4: study vocabulary terms from printed sheet-quiz on Wednesday

Please return the completed packet from the office and the yellow nurse form asap

We will be collecting box tops-please place them in baggies of up to 50 in a baggie and just write the amount on the baggie; if you have less than 50 please place in a baggie with amount written on the baggie, let's go 5th grade-we can win a dress down day :)

Students wanting to be homeroom reps should write a short speech as to why they should be elected-due in Wednesday

Tuesday 9/18
Math Grade 5: ixl 15 minutes, return pretest on Thursday-sign if below a 90 (corrections should be done in copybook)-; review 6 through 9 times tables
Religion Grade 5: say nightly prayers, review page 8
Math Grade 6: ixl 15 minutes; test corrections in copybook and test due back on Thursday, signed if below a 90
Math Grade 4: ixl 15 minutes-continue from yesterday with your progress from last night homework, finish subtraction sheet from class today-check it over before saying it's done; bring back addition properties sheet on Thursday-signed if less than a 21/23 on the paper
Religion Grade 4: study terms for quiz tomorrow, your review today in class was great
Please return yellow nurse card and packet from the office asap, thank you
Homeroom rep speeches due tomorrow

Wednesday 9/19
Math Grade 5: ix l 15 minutes; return pretest tomorrow (signed if below a 90), practice multiplication facts that challenge you
Religion Grade 5: in copybook, 5 sentences as if you were an angel or shepherd at Jesus' birth-what did you see, where was this taking place, when, why-use your best vocabulary to tell me the story
Math Grade 6: ixl 15 minutes, test corrections and test due back tomorrow (signed if below a 90)
Math Grade 4: ixl 15 minutes, bring back addition properties paper tomorrow & the subtraction paper, practice times tables that challenge you
Religion Grade 4: say nightly prayers-bring virtue paper back tomorrow-we will complete it in class

Thursday 9/20
Math Grade 5: worksheet Math Magic, ixl 15 minutes, return the pretest and corrections for it if you have not already done so; one hour 15 minutes ixl due Sunday midnight
Religion Grade 5: five sentences from yesterday re shepherd or angel, return your vocab quiz next Thursday (the one you received today from lesson one)
Math Grade 6: 15 minutes ixl-one hour 15 minutes by midnight Sunday; aiming for post test next Wednesday; return pre test if you have not already done so today
Math Grade 4: finish coding paper, bring back tomorrow, ixl 15 minutes-one hour 15 minutes by midnight Sunday, return clock paper next Thursday-signed if below 90
Religion Grade 4: return your vocab quiz lesson one unit one quiz next Thursday in your folder, great pictures of the virtues today-keep it up :)
PLEASE remember to return the packet and nurse form that was sent home, thanks!

Friday 9/21
Remember to have sharpened pencils and a black pen with you for classes, thanks
Math Grade 4, 5, 6: goal: one hour 15 minutes per week on ixl, get your time and great scores in please
Remember Mass over the weekend :)

Monday 9/24
Religion 5: complete birthday card for Father Cioppi today
Math 5: ixl 15 minutes, review for chapter one test on Wednesday, 
Math 6: ixl 15 minutes, review for chapter one test on Monday, workbook page 10 assigned numbers
Math 4: ixl 15 minutes, finish coding paper and birds multiplication skills paper if not handed in
Religion 4: finish page 16-the virtues we learned about are faith, hope, and love, temperance, fortitude, justice, and prudence-for example I am thankful for my parents in first column, then write I love my parents in second column

Grade 5 - Box tops are being collected, please send them in a baggie marked with the number on the baggie, no more than 50 in a baggie, please check expiration dates-let's get a dress down day :)

Tuesday 9/25
Math 5: study for pretest tomorrow, workbook 6 odds, ixl 15 minutes
Religion 5: finish page 11
Math 6: workbook 5 odds#1-21, ixl 15 minutes, test tomorrow, review your work
Math 4: bring back classwork papers that were not completed; ixl 15 minutes, practice times tables that are challenging
Religion 4: great job with your Creation sketches today in class, keep up the great work :)

5th grade Pretzel order papers went home today, please ask your child for the paper

Wednesday 9/26
Math 5: ixl 15 minutes
Religion 5: make card for homeless (due tomorrow)
Math 6: ixl minutes, workbook page 5 evens
Math 4: ixl 15 minutes
Religion 4: finish page 20

Thursday 9/27
Math 5: finish review classwork: workbook pages 7, 9, 10
Religion 5: return your religion quiz if you did not and finish your homeless person card if you did not
Math 6: ixl
Math 4: ixl, finish your array cube paper if I gave it to you today in class, can always review your challenging times tables facts
Religion 4: finish your "card"

Grade 5 for those who need a reminder:
A Day Engineering
B Day Art
C Day Gym
D Day Music
E Day Tech F Day Spanish

Friday 9/28:
IXL all math classes-keep going, you're gaining points :)
Remember Mass
5th Grade girls, please return signed consent form, thank you
Return any/all quizzes, papers that were sent home last week & show me any 
makeup homework that was to be completed, thanks

Tuesday 10/2
Religion 5: ixl, girls return envelope from MCIU for class tomorrow; next week you will have a quiz on Ruah, creed, sign, and soul vocabulary, we will define tomorrow; decorate writer's workshop copybook if you want a different cover-glue pictures on etc
MATH 5:  IXL, WORKBOOK PAGE 12 ODDS  up to #27; finish text page 55 #3, 7, 11, 15
Math 6: workbook page 10 #1-10, return any tests/exit slip on Thursday
Math 4: ixl, hand in factor pair cut out and paste the cubes paper if you did not do so, I will collect graded papers on Thursday
Religion 4: study terms for vocab quiz on Thursday
5th Grade girls please return consent form sent home last week if you have not done so, thanks
All students wear blue and white on Friday

Wednesday 10/3
Math 5: ixl, return chapter one test signed(if below a 90) by Friday
Religion 5: Say prayers, do a good deed, great job writing in your new writers copybook
Math 6: ixl, workbook page 9 odds
Math 4: ixl, finish workbook pages 17 and 18 if you did not finish in class
Religion 4: vocab quiz tomorrow

Thursday 10/4
Math 5: ixl
Religion 5: finish Dare contest paper
Math 6: workbook page 12 #1-4, ixl
Math 4: ixl hope you like the book that we are reading in class; please bring back on Monday any papers that were given back today with a signature if below 90, some received papers, some already handed them in, thanks, pep rally is tomorrow afternoon; you St. Francis papers looked awesome, please keep them home, hope you enjoyed your visit with Speedy today : )
Religion 4: any absentees need to make up the vocabulary quiz from today
Dress in blue & white tomorrow for the pep rally

Friday 10/5
Math 5: ixl goal one hour 15 minutes per week
Religion 5: study your vocabulary from today for a quiz next Tuesday
Math 6: return Chapter one post test on Monday regardless of the grade and signed if below a 90
Have a great weekend & remember Mass

Monday 10/8 
Math 5: return chapter one test, signed if less than 90, ixl
Religion 5: practice Nicene Creed found in your homework book on prayer page, say a decade of the rosary daily, vocab quiz Thursday, finish and return DARE contest calendar paper
Math 6: finish odds page 13, ixl, return chapter one test Thursday, signed if less than 90
Math 4: ixl, finish any classwork if a paper was returned to you today, practice multiplication facts

Tuesday 10/9
Math 5: ixl, return chapter one test on Thursday, signed if below 90
Religion 5: practice Nicene Creed, study for vocab quiz Thursday
Math 6: ixl, finish workbook page 14 odds #1-11; return Chapter 1 test Thursday (signed if below 90)
Math 4: ixl, review multiplication facts
Religion 4: do a good deed today, pray

Wednesday 10/10
Math 5: workbook page 16 odds, ixl
Religion 5: practice Nicene Creed, say decade of rosary, study for vocab quiz Thursday
Math 6: finish workbook page 15 odds #1-15, ixl
Math 4:  ixl, finish worksheet,ion & study multiplication facts
Religion 4: do a good deed, pray
Spanish 5: study page iii ib manual, quiz next Wednesday

Thursday 10/11
Math 5: ixl, workbook page 17 odds
Religion 5: practice Nicene Creed, say decade of rosary, vocab quiz will be returned Monday; finish your script for Creation, we are keying it in tomorrow in tech lab
Math 6: ixl, workbook page
Math 4: ixl,  worksheet, return any papers that you may have in your folders
Religion 4: 
bring a water bottle and snack to keep your brain hydrated please

Friday 10/12
Remember Mass

Monday 10/15
Math 5: workbook page 19 odds; return oval/5 point quiz paper & Math rubric on Thursday, signed if below a 90; 15 minutes on math ixl
Religion 5: memorize Apostles Creed
Math 6: finish workbook page 16 odds, math ixl 15 minutes
Religion 4: finish sketching picture #2 about day of creation
Spanish: study page iii for quiz Wednesday

Tuesday 10/16
Math 5: ixl, 15 minutes, return oval/5 point quiz & math rubric on Thursday, hope you enjoyed the Fire Prevention assembly today and your study period
Religion 5: memorize Apostles Creed
Math 4:  complete workbook page 25 if not done, ixl 15 minutes; accept invite to classroom page
Math 6: math ixl 15 minutes, finish workbook page 17 odds, return any quizzes or tests, accept invite to classroom page
Religion 4: finish coloring creation story papers if not done, memorize Apostles Creed, accept invite to classroom page
Spanish: study page iii for quiz tomorrow

Wednesday 10/17
Math 5: ixl 15 minutes, finish text page 79 #6, 11, 15, 19 and workbook page 20 odds
Religion 5: hope you enjoyed your class with the counselor (girls) and your paths program game (boys)
Math 6: ixl 15 minutes, finish workbook 17 evens
Math 4: ixl, finish workbook page 25 if not done
Religion 4: finish page 30

Thursday 10/18
Math 5: workbook page 21 #1-19 odds, ixl, return any quizzes next Thursday 10/25
Religion 5: pray Apostles Creed
Math 6: ixl goal
Religion 4: practice Our Father, read 32 and do 33
Math 4: ixl goal, quiz on prime and composite on Monday, review page 27; return paper packet next Thursday signed if below 90, thanks!

Friday 10/19
Math 5: chapter one test on Monday, review workbook pages circled in class, finish up to #15 on the worksheet, complete your ixl goal
Math 6: chapter two test on Thursday; review your workbook pages circled in class, ixl goal
Math 4: quiz on prime and composite numbers on Monday, review workbook pages 24 and 27, do not stress if you don't have your book at home, we will review before doing it; go for your ixl goal
Remember Mass
Picture Retakes on Monday
Please return my conference paper by Tuesday the latest, thanks : )

Monday 10/22
Religion 5: you will finish your go animate script tomorrow, go to classroom and spend 15 minutes on your scary story in five paragraphs in your unicorn writing  copybook;  begin  to think of a book & scene/character that you want to paint our pumpkin as, we will start doing this daily in class by alternating turns in class, thanks
Math 5: ixl  goal for the week; complete worksheet tonight
Math 6: ixl, finish workbook 18 odds, bring calculator to class
Religion 4: finish page 36 
Math 4:finish pages 30 & 31, ixl
Please return conference paper by tomorrow, thanks : )

Tuesday 10/23
Math 5: ixl goal
Religion 5: go animate will be finished in tech lab on Thursday, girls with counselor tomorrow, boys with PATH program with me
Math 6: workbook page 19 odds, test on Thursday on chapter 2, ixl, return quizzes & graded papers on Thursday
Math 4: ixl goal, return test papers etc on Thursday
Religion 4: read page 37, practice Apostles Creed

Wednesday 10/24
Math 5:
Religion 5:
Math 6:
Math 4:
Religion 4:

Thursday 10/25
Math 5:
Religion 5:
Math 6:
Math 4:
Religion 4:

Friday 10/26
Math 5:
Religion 5:
Math 6:
Math 4:
Religion 4:
Remember Mass

Monday 10/29
Tuesday 10/30
Wednesday 10/31
Thursday 11/1 Conferences all day
Friday 11/2

Ms. Cynthia S