Welcome to Grades 8, 7 & 6 :)
Homework  & information will be posted daily

Monday 9/11
Religion Grade 8: review for chapter one test on Wednesday
Science 6: study vocabulary & definitions for quiz on friday
Math 6: workbook page 1 #1-6 and workbook page 4 #1-12 all
Science 7: review vocabulary for quiz Friday
Tuesday 9/12
Science 6: study vocabulary for quiz on Friday
Math 6: finish problems on workbook page 4
Science 8: workbook page 8 #5
Religion 8: chapter 1 test tomorrow
Wednesday 9/13
Science 6: review vocabulary-quiz Friday
Math 6:workbook page 5 #1-21 odds
Religion 8: finish prayer card
Thursday 9/14
Math 6: workbook page 5 # 23, 25, 27, 29
Back to School Night begins at 7 pm
8th Grade parent meeting is at 6:30
Science 7: vocab quiz Monday
Monday 9/18
Science 6: read over workbook page 6, return quiz this Thursday-signed if below 90
Math 6: workbook page 7 #1-17 odds
Science 8: review terms & definitions for quiz on Friday
Tuesday 9/19
Science 6: read over page 9
Math 6: workbook page 8 # 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, 19
Science 7: return vocabulary quiz Thursday, signed if below a 90, study 4 facts from today's notes
in your copybook
Science 8: review terms and definitions in your copybook for quiz on Friday
Wednesday 9/20
Science 6: read over page 10 of workbook
Math 6: workbook page 9 #1, 6, 8, 11, 16, 21, 23
Science 8: log onto website and locate your e-book, check it out
Science 7: log onto website and locate your e-book, check it out
Thursday 9/21
Science 8: remember vocab quiz tomorrow on terms
Math 6: workbook page 11 #1-10 all
Return coupon books or checks if you have not already done so, thanks
Friday 9/22
Religion 8: chapter 2 test on Tuesday, complete & review study guide
Monday 9/25
Science 6:quiz Friday-look over the study sheet-explain what the Coriolis effect is
Religion 8: chapter 2 test Wednesday-study notes
Tuesday 9/26
Science 6: quiz Friday-look over the study sheet, be able to explain the Coriolis effect, finish sketches we started in class today
Religion 8-chapter 2 test tomorrow
Math 6- workbook page 10 #1-14 all
Science 8: review classwork
STEM elective: bring empty water bottle tomorrow (today's class)
Wednesday 9/27
Science 6: look over notes for quiz  Friday
Math 6: finish question 16
Thursday 9/28
Science 6: study your study sheet for quiz tomorrow
Math 6: chapter one test is Monday, finish text page 64 #17-24
Dress down day tomorrow with a donation
Monday 10/2
Math 6: return chapter one test on Thursday, signed if below 90, do test corrections in red on the theme tablet paper if you have any incorrect
Religion 8: What is the great commandment and how can you live it? Write questions & answer in copybook, bring  picture of your pets for Wednesday at 9:15 for blessing
Science 8: review class notes for quiz next week
Science 7: return lab sheet on Thursday, sign if below 90, review typed notes for quiz next Tuesday,   the 10th
Tuesday 10/3
Science 6: read over class notes we highlighted today on workbook pages 15 & 16
Math 6: workbook page 14 #1,4,7,10,13,14,15,16,19,22, 24 & return chapter one test on Thursday with test corrections done; signature if below 90 on the test
Religion 8: Chapter 4 test next Wednesday, start reviewing 
Science 7: study notes for quiz next Wednesday
Wednesday 10/4
Math 6: workbook page 15 #1, 5,9, 12,15,18, 20, 22, 24, return math test tomorrow
Religion 8: chapter 4 test next Wednesday
8th grade remember to wear sports jerseys Friday or school blue & white for spirit day
Box tops will be collected next Wednesday
Thursday 10/5
Science 6: read over workbook pages 19-21 for class tomorrow
Math 6: workbook page 16 #1, 5, 9-14 all, 21 & 22
Science 7: finish labeling and coloring the plant & animal cell, due tomorrow-return lab sheet if you did not hand it in today
Science 8: quiz on Tuesday
Friday 10/6
Science 7: review your typed notes for quiz on Tuesday
Science 8: review your notes for quiz on Tuesday
Return any quizzes, labs, or tests that have not been returned
Monday 10/9
Math 6: workbook page 18 odds
Science 7: quiz tomorrow, review your notes
Science 8: quiz tomorrow, review your notes
Religion 8: Chapter 4 test Wednesday, review classnotes
Yankee Candle forms due back this Friday
Tuesday 10/10
Math 6: workbook page 19 #1-15 odds and #29
Science 7: read and complete diagrams on page 25
Religion 8: study for chapter 4 test for tomorrow
Bring a water bottle or clear container with lid to stem class this week
Wednesday 10/11
Science 6: review workbook pages 25-29
Math 6: workbook page 20 #1, 3, 5
Religion 8: do activity on page 56 in copybook, return chapter 4 test next Thursday
Science 8: read page 34
Science 7: read workbook page 31 and answer # 1&2 on page 32 for class Friday
Yankee candle forms due back Friday
Bring a water bottle or clear container with a lid to stem this week
Friday 10/13
Science 7: return the cells quiz next Thursday, the 19th-signed if below 90
Monday 10/16
Science 6: read page 38
Math 6: Chapter 2 test on Wednesday, finish # 21-24 on text page 82
Science 8:study for quiz on Friday
Science 7: answer questions on page 39 for class on Wednesday
Tuesday 10/17
Math 6: review page 82 for chapter 2 test tomorrow, bring sharpened pencil and loose leaf paper
Wednesday 10/18
Math 6: text page 89 #1-8
Religion 8: study chapter 5 notes for test on Tuesday
Science 8: study notes for quiz on Friday
Science 7: study notes for quiz on Friday
Thursday 10/19
Religion 8: study chapter 5 notes for test Tuesday
Science 8: study notes for quiz tomorrow
Science 7: quiz for tomorrow has been rescheduled for Monday, review your notes
Dress down day tomorrow, suggested donation: bag of candy or $2.00, 
may dress down if struggling financially, thank you
Friday 10/20
Science 7: study for quiz on Monday
Please return conference papers by Tuesday the 24th, thanks
Monday 10/21
Science 6: review today's class notes about matter
Math 6: chapter 2 test - return on Thursday, signed if below 90; workbook page 24 # 1, 5, 8, 11, 14-show the work, can check with calculator
Science 7: answer questions 1 and 2 on workbook pages 47 & 48
Religion 8: review your notes for chapter 5 test on Wednesday
Tuesday 10/24
Science 6: study notes for quiz on Friday
Math 6: finish workbook page 25 #1-20 all
Religion 8: review for chapter 5 test tomorrow
Grade 8: Reminder that the Maguire High School Scholars application deadline is November 1st, please send in the forms asap along with any community service and extracurricular activity information for Ms. Pagan to include on the recommender letter, thank you
Science 7: return quiz Thursday, if below 90 have it signed, keep working on your cells project-bring in materials or use the ones here for class on Thursday, you will present on Friday
Wednesday 10/25
Science 6: study typed notes for quiz on Friday
Math 6: finish workbook page 25
Thursday 10/26
Math 6: workbook page 26 #1, 5, 9, 13, 17, 19, 21, 22; return chapter 2 test if you still have it
Monday 10/30
Science 6: read over class pages from today
Math 6: workbook page 28 odds #1-28
Science 7: finish your sickle cell anemia report and email it to me at cynthia.sana@mtcschool.org
Thursday 11/2
Science 6: finish page 62
Math 6: workbook page 29 #1-27 odds only
Monday 11/6
Math 6: workbook page 30 odds #1-15
Science 8: finish reading page 75
Religion 8: Chapter 6 test on Wednesday-study your notes
Science 7: finish page 58 #22
Bring in canned goods for the food drive, due in Nov. 27th
Tuesday 11/7
Science 6: return quiz on Thursday, if 90 or 100-no signature needed; if below 90 please sign & return
Math 6: workbook page 31 # 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, 13, 14, 15
Religion 8: study for chapter 6 test tomorrow
Science 7: answer #1 page 65
Please return signed progress reports if you did not meet with the teacher, thank you
Wednesday 11/18
Science 6: return quiz tomorrow, go over it, must be signed if below 90
Math 6: workbook page 32 #1-11 all
Religion 8: test rescheduled for Friday, seminarian tomorrow
Science 7: finish ten daily activities on worksheet from class today, side one of the sheet should have been finished in class, also if you have not sent the sickle cell report to me-send it by Friday the latest
Science 8: look over review notes from class today
Thursday 11/9
Science 6: look over unit 1 review in workbook from class today
Math 6: workbook page 32 #12-21 all, workbook page 33 #1-8 all
Religion 8: chapter 6 test tomorrow
Science 8: quiz on Wednesday next week-review notes
Science 7: quiz on Wednesday next week-review notes from class today
Monday 11/13
Math 6: workbook page 35 #1-6 all-show the work
Religion 8: return chapter test on Thursday, bring in an item for the food drive
Science 8: quiz rescheduled for Thursday due to no class today
Science 7: quiz rescheduled for Thursday, we will discuss more in class tomorrow
Bring a clear, clean jar to make rock candy for STEM class this week
Tuesday 11/14
Math 6: finish workbook page 35
Science 7 & 8: study notes for quiz on Thursday
Wednesday 11/15
Science 6: if you need more than 15 minutes to finish your research, do some more tonight because I will ask you to send the information to me tomorrow in class
Math 6: finish text page 116 problems
Religion 8: test next Tuesday, review your notes
Science 8: study for quiz tomorrow
Science 7: study typed notes for quiz tomorrow
Thursday 11/16
Science 6: finish your research if you did not present today in class
Math 6: go on www.ixl.com and work on grade 6 math A section problems, spend about 15 minutes working on the problems
Grade 8: give the letter to your parents about the consumable subscription/social studies that was sent home today, dress down tomorrow if you bring in a canned food item for the food drive
Wednesday 11/22
Religion 8: Chapters 7 & 8 test next Wednesday
Return any tests you owe signed asap
Box tops will be collected next Thursday
Enjoy your Thanksgiving break
Monday 11/27
Math 6: return part one of math test on Thursday; you will be given back part two tomorrow, bring a calculator and sharpened pencils to class daily
Religion 8: study notes for chapters 7 & 8 test on Wednesday, finish thought questions in copybook if you didn't finish them in class
Science 7: read pages 84 & 85 and answer questions on the pages by tomorrow
NJHS members please ask if you can stay after school on Monday or Wednesday to help with homework club-pick up time is 4:15, thank you
Thanks again for all of your support with the canned food drive, the truck will be here on Wednesday to pick up all of the donations
Tuesday 11/28
Science 6: read page 88 for lab tomorrow
Religion 7: finish #1-7 on worksheet re page 228
Math 6: workbook page 36 #1-8 all, bring back your part one and part two math test on Thursday (signed if below 90)
Religion 8: study for chapters 7 & 8 test tomorrow
Science 7: review class notes on the systems
Wednesday 11/29
Math 6: finish workbook page 36, bring back chapter 3 test part one and part two tomorrow
Science 7: page 90 #13
Thursday 11/30
Math 6: workbook page 27 #1-10 all
Monday 12/4
Math 6: work on IXL problems section A; complete workbook page 38 odds
Religion 7: test on Thursday-refer to your notes
Tuesday 12/5
Math 6: workbook page 39
Religion 7: study your notes for test on Tuesday
Religion 8: study for chapter 9 test on Friday
Sign up for Adopt A Family through sign up genie email sent last week, 
gifts are to be in school by Tuesday (unwrapped), thanks
Wednesday 12/6
Religion 7: write what the main idea of the NYC video was about today, 
study for test tomorrow-refer to your study guide
Thursday 12/7
Science 6: quiz on Tuesday, study your notes
Math 6: workbook page 40 #1-9 show work in copybook
Science 7: look over your study guide notes for test next wednesday
Science 8: look over your notes for test on Monday
Religion 8: chapter 9 test tomorrow, study
Let me know if your parents did not receive the Adopt  A Family email sent out on 11/30
Monday 12/11
Science 6: great review today in class, study your notes for quiz tomorrow
Math 6: workbook page 41 #109 all, quick quiz on Thursday on adding and subtracting equations
Science 7: study notes for quiz on Wednesday, read 98-102 & answer #1-5
Middle School, please send in Adopt a Family gifts tomorrow, thanks!
Tuesday 12/12
Math 6: workbook page 41, #10-22 all, show the work
Science 7: study for science quiz tomorrow
STEM lab: bring in pennies for last period-we will clean them in various ways
Thursday 12/14
8th grade be here by 6:00 tonight, great practice today :)
6th & 7th be in homeroom by 6:15
Monday 12/18
Math 6: workbook page 43 #1-8, do work in copybook
Tuesday 12/19
Math 6: workbook 44 #1-9 all
Return all test/quizzes tomorrow
Box tops due Thursday
Wednesday 1/3/18
Math 6: workbook page 45 #3
Science 6: we will finish working on project in class
Religion 7: finish class work picture of bible passage & your summary in your own words in no less than 7 sentences, send it to me at cynthia.sana@mtcschool.org and read top of page 242 #2 answer in copybook and read 243 and answer #1-10 in copybook to prep for a test next week
Religion 8: https://www.paprofile.org/for-students/ for contest if you're interested
Science 8: read text 19-22
Science 7: read and answer questions on page 106
Friday 1/5
Since it looks like more snow is on the way, here goes with homework:
Science 6, 7, 8: NEWSELA articles online, complete another article online, 
Math 6: work on IXL, go for the points!! 
Religion 7: I have received some of your religion Bible passage assignments, you will be sharing next week so I need them by Wednesday, please work on completing it if it was not sent to me, thanks!
Remember Mass this weekend
Monday 1/8
Science 6: NEWS/ELA articles, research on report due Friday
Math 6: complete text page 144, #14, 17, 20, 23, 25, 27, aiming for test next week Tuesday
Religion 7: work on Bible passage, due Wednesday
Tuesday 1/9
Science 6: continue to work on research/classwork, and read a NEWSELA article by Friday 
if report is done
Math 6: ixl (optional); chapter 4 test next Tuesday-review before then
Religion 8: finish page 128 & activity
Religion 7: Bible passage typed & sent to me with picture should be done; answer questions for page 127 in copybook, look over page 126 if you did not get there in class today
Science 7: read & answer 109-113; you should have read 107 & 108 in class and answered 109-113-complete it if not finished
Box tops due in Thursday
Homework club tomorrow
Wednesday 1/10
Science 6: research due Friday-work on some more if not completed
Math 6: IXL, test part one scheduled for Tuesday, we will review more tomorrow, part two scheduled for Wednesday, bring a calculator to class every day
Religion 8: answer reflection question
Religion 7: answer questions on page 126 if you did not, read 128 and answer activity questions in copybook, MAKE SURE PAGE 109 is completed 
Thursday 1/11
Math 6: text page 523 #7a, 7b, 8, 9; test next week
Religion 7: read and do page 129
Science 8: pages 23 & 24
Science 7: we will continue migration project tomorrow, bring in any signed papers, tests that were not handed in today to class tomorrow
Friday 1/12
Math 6: chapter four test part one next time we meet
NEWS ELA articles can be read- aim for completing 5 by February 14th
Remember to attend Mass
Tuesday 1/16
Sorry, technical difficulties - all classes were instructed to write down their homework
Wednesday 1/17
Science 6: 15 minutes research, continue from where you left off in class 
Math 6: part two tomorrow of chapter 4 test, review, try to do some ixl
Science 7: 15 minutes/report page 110 #4 due next Wednesday
Science 8: review notes, finish ten questions
Religion 8: page 136
Thursday 1/18
Science 6: 15 minutes research due Wed
Math 6: ixl (optional) 
Science 7: 15 minutes report page 110 #4
Science 8: continuation of classwork
wear eagles apparel tmrw
Monday 1/22
Science 6: study period
Math 6: 15 minutes ixl
Religion 8: chapter 12 test Wednesday, memorize prayer "I know..."
Science 8: spend 15 minutes reviewing research from class, preview 25-27
Science 7: spend 15 minutes reviewing research from class, work on report page 110 #4
Remember to think of board game ideas for next week for The Space Race
Tuesday 1/23
Science 6: spend 15 minutes on report, regional climate then city
Math 6: workbook page 47 odds and ixl
Religion 8: chapter 12 test tomorrow open book, finish activity
Science 8: spend 15 minutes on research
Science 7: spend 15 minutes on 114-118, pick up where you left off from class; Animal migration reports due tomorrow)
Elective: we are creating a board game for CSW, bring your ideas to class
Wednesday 1/24
Science 6: spend 15 minutes on workbook pages
Math 6: workbook page 49 #1-9 all
Religion 8: I know that...memorize the prayer
Science 8: spend 15 minutes on research
Science 7: page 116 row 2
Thursday 1/25
Science 6: read 132 & 133
Math 6: return chapter 4 test tomorrow & do workbook page 49 #19-28 (try your best)
Religion 8:  finish activity on 144 if not done, think of lyrics for 8th grade CSW song, 
Science 8: CSW lyrics for song
Science 7: read over page 116, answer as many as you can on 117 in 15 minutes
Appropriate dress down for tomorrow with your breakfast bag item, thanks!
Friday 1/26
Remember Mass
Monday 1/29
Science 6: review your page 131 notes for study period tomorrow
Math 6: workbook page 50 #1-9 all
Religion 8: say a prayer
Tuesday 1/30
Wednesday 1/31
Math 6: workbook page 51 #22-25, return tests if you did not already do so, thanks
Thursday 2/1
Vocation Awareness, hope you enjoyed the talks
Dress down tomorrow/Eagle wear
Noon dismissal Friday
Friday 2/2
Remember Mass
Math 6: integer subtraction quiz on Tuesday, review page 50 of workbook
Monday 2/5
Science; delay, can go ahead and look in google classroom for lesson 3 notes for upcoming quiz TBA
Math 6: finish text 157 up to #34, complete workbook page 50 #11-15, quiz on subtraction of integers tomorrow
Religion 8: Chapter 13 test next Monday
Science 8: review classwork daily, if you have not already done so write definitions for orbit, phase, eclipse & sketch a picture for each, write 3 words you think of that are associated with the terms & a sentence
Science 7: summarize your answers from text 119 & 120 in a paragraph in your copybook for class tomorrow, refer to self-check on page 120 for further explanation, be prepared with your materials for class, title your paragraph as the one in blue on page 119
Elective: continuation of board games, continue to bring your awesome ideas to make this game a 2D game, most of you have created the board with questions, the next step is to create the 2D effect
Tuesday 2/6
Science 6: review classroom docs for lesson 3 upcoming quiz notes
Math 6: workbook page 50 #16-21 use a number line
Religion 8: study period
Science 8: review 25-27 for lesson quiz TBA
Science 7: review 80 to 97 pages that are completed in your book, we will complete other pages in class
Elective: awesome job on the space boards so far, keep up the outstanding work :)
Wednesday 2/7
No school
Thursday 2/8 
No school
Friday 2/9
Science 6: read over lesson 3 unit 1 for quiz on Tuesday
Math 6: ixl (optional), rest up for Monday's class
Religion 8: Chapter 13 test Monday, class with Miss Joyce on Tuesday
Science 8: lesson 1 quiz Wednesday
Auction envelopes were sent home today
Remember Mass
Monday 2/12
Science 6: review lesson 3 & classwork from today's lesson on 137, quiz rescheduled for Thursday
Math 6: workbook page 51 #1-21 all (some already did 21, thank you)
Religion 8: read 151, answer questions on 152, share Lent calendar
Science 7: spend 15 minutes looking up research from text 119 & 120, can always read a NEWSELA article
STEM: game boards look awesome, bring materials to class to complete the game board, need questions for the cards re science, math, and tech- we will make them in class
Tuesday 2/13
Science 6: answer questions 1-10 by Thursday, read content information handout
Math 6: finish workbook page 51
Religion 8: read 151, answer 152 
Science 8: answer questions on handout sheet
Science 7: continue to spend 15 minutes on gathering information for text 119 & 120, this ia shared group effort to complete the presentation
Wednesday 2/14
Science 6: same as Tuesday post & return rubric tomorrow
Religion 8: study period today, answer 152 of text 
Science 8: quiz on Friday
Science 7: presentations due midnight tonight
Thursday 2/15
Science 6: return rubric, signed if below 90; continue quiz tomorrow
Math 6: #20
Religion 8: study tomorrow
Science 8: study for quiz
Science 7: art today
Friday 2/16
Remember Mass
Any tests that have not been signed & returned need to be returned on Tuesday, 
some students need to clean up their lockers so they can find their papers
Tuesday 2/20
Science 6: describe how temperature of ocean currents relates to weather and climate in a short 6 sentence paragraph, no more or less than 6 sentences in copybook, thank you; return quiz on Thursday-this grade is not included in the progress report which was written last week & you will receive those this week; the grade on option C is different from the grade now posted on Option C
Math 6: workbook page 52 #1-16 all. ixl- one hour in this week by Monday  next week
Religion 8: return test tomorrow,  continue your list of Catholics and Catholic organizations who work to improve the world today; Lent calendar; continue to prepare for the assessment- refer to study guide
Science 8: write why winter days are shorter and colder than summer days in your copybook; observe night sky two nights this week before class on Friday so we can compare the differences, return quiz on Thursday, 
Science 7: Reread 98-113 in book; quiz on Friday 
STEM: should have 5 ?'s in each category-science, tech, engineering, and math on a card for your space race game that is due on your second day of your stem class, working on it in class
Wednesday 2/21
Science 6: read over 141 & 142, return quiz & progress report
Math 6: workbook page 52 #19-24, return progress report, ixl, return any quizzes or tests in your possession
Religion 8: answer question in copybook, return progress report
Science 8: look at night sky two nights..., work on comparing the two nights views, NEWSELA articles, read page 30 and answer ?'s
Science 7: read over 98-113 including what we added today in class so you're ready for quiz on Friday 
Thursday 2/22
Science 6:
Math 6: ixl, 
Religion 8: Theology of Body
Science 8: same as Wednesday
Science 7: review notes 98-113 for quiz tomorrow

Friday 2/23
Remember Mass