We provide

Participation for all through
  • Low weekly fees
  • Supporting families from non-English speaking backgrounds - both at preschool and in the community
  • Celebration of culture, languages and diversity
  • Valuing parents as first teachers
  • A sense of belonging, empowerment and respect
  • Session hours  8:30am - 1:00pm

Mt Cook Preschool offers a wide range of activities to all children

This includes:
  • Weekly visits to Mt Cook School library for small groups of children
  • Small group trips into our community
    eg trips to Te Papa, Central Park and to observe the construction of the new underpass on Karo drive
  • Teaching environment responsibility  
                                                 through composting, recycling, gardening and looking after preschools worm farm
  • Providing a variety of physical challenges for the children on a daily basis 
                                                 eg biking, running, adventure playground use and activities in the school hall on wet days
  • Connection with families via StoryPark
    a secure online space to share individual children's experiences at preschool, allows contributions by their family
  • Specific programme planning around individual children's interests