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Mt Cook Preschool Latest AGM report - 2014

Mount Cook Preschool Vision

Staff and families work together to ensure that children receive a high quality education in a caring, supportive, vibrant environment.

Mount Cook Preschool Highlights from 28 May 2014 AGM Reports

It's been another busy year since Mt Cook Preschool’s AGM last year, with a variety of different things that stand out as highlights.

The teaching team feels privileged to be part of such a diverse community in which differences can respectfully be acknowledged and embraced.  This provides such an amazing, lifelong lesson for children about how to see past each other’s differences, to the things we have in common.  There’s a Māori whakataukii (proverb) that reflects this and most of what Mount Cook Preschool aims for, which is:

 Ma te huruhuru ka rere te manu

Adorn the bird with feathers so it can fly

The teaching teams’ priority is to work alongside parents to help equip their children with skills that they can use throughout their life. The development of social skills, independence, problem solving and effective communication are just some of these priorities.

The events that have brought Preschool all together as a community are another highlight: there have been some lovely shared lunches, the school gala and the summer picnic, which allowed us to catch up with some of the families that had recently left Preschool.

Using Storypark to send home photos and stories during the last 12 months has been exciting.  It makes it much quicker and easier for staff to share the things that are going on at Preschool and it’s great to be getting so many stories, photos and responses being uploaded by parents and other family members about the exciting things your children participate in outside of the centre.

Preschool’s commitment to taking care of the environment has been developed through disposing of food scraps responsibly by sorting rubbish at morning tea time and using the worm farm and compost bins.  An area for further exploration over the next 12 months is thinking about how other waste is disposed of.

The development of the outdoor area will be another exciting journey that Preschool has started to talk about and which will gradually be implemented during the coming year.

Preschool is looking at ways to market the centre through links with playgroups, developing an online presence and street signage.   

With a great relationship with Mount Cook School and being in the school grounds, opportunities are created for Preschool to be involved in some parts of school life.  This includes weekly visits to the school library, watching live performances with the junior school, spending time with buddies and using the hall for wet day activities.

Preschool is deeply indebted to the NZ Federation of Graduate Women who have given a generous donation each year, for a number of years, towards the cost of employing our fourth teacher.

As a parent co-operative, families/whānau are relied on to support keeping the centre ticking over.  The support of parents has been enjoyed in many ways, including helping with cleaning the centre, fixing resources, baking with children, sharing their language and culture and developing centre policies.

Mount Cook Preschool community is well placed for another exciting year ahead.


Our sincere thanks to our community financial supporters:
     New Zealand Federation of Graduate Women - many years of on going support towards employing an extra teacher
     Z Taranaki St - Good in the Hood Programme 2014 - for our Outdoor Area Upgrade Project

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