Outdoor Area Redevelopment

2016 is the year of transformation of our outdoor area into an exciting, engaging, challenging and imaginative space for our tamariki to explore, challenge themselves, and learn in.  

After two years of consultation, discussions, designing and raising funds, we are in the position to implement our fabulous new outdoor area in 2016!  We are still looking for some more funds to make this project fly, so if you want to come on board we'd love to chat with you about how we can work together.

Outdoor Area Redeveloment Project brief

To redesign and revitalise Preschool’s old tired and deteriorating play area into a more natural learning environment.  Create several “protected” spaces that allow different types of explorative and imaginative play within in current fence boundary. Use as many natural and recycled materials as possible. Many of our children who come from apartments so this is also their garden.

What outcomes are we aiming for?

An outdoor space that provides connection to and respect for the outdoors and land through:

1.     Promotion of well-being through gardening.  Children will be involved in growing food and plants for use at preschool and to share with the community’s families. Also enabling children’s families to come and be part of the growing of food and healthy eating programmes. 

2.     Promote development through “protected” spaces for children to engage in explorative and imaginative play.

3.     Promote development of gross and fine motor skills and risk taking through a variety of play surfaces.

4.     Collaboration with Mt Cook School and Holiday Programme to enable them to use this as an outdoor classroom.

5.     Providing a connection to Mt Cook School through an interesting fence where children can interact with their outside environment in a number of ways.

6.     Increase connection to the environment through use of as many natural materials as possible.

7.     Increase safety for children through having a double gate access/exit area.

8.     Provide practical storage areas, which enable children to independently select, use and return items they play with, along with practical storage for ride on equipment that allows easy access and storage by staff.

9.     Health and safety aspects of equipment storage are improved for staff by having a well-appointed storage shed that meets current and foreseen needs.

Our outdoor area vision

Birds eye view of our fabulous new outdoor space.

The project has been divided into three main phases:

Phase 1:  Starting in the July School holidays sees the south fence line transformed, with new entrance, storage area and fence.  The new entrance provides more safety when children are entering and leaving the area, having two gates and a space in between to ensure no extra little ones can exit with a family.  The rest of the play area to the board walk will be developed during this phase.

Phase 2:  Incorporates the sandpit, raised garden area, planting of fruit trees and edible plants, along with a playhouse that opens out onto the sandpit.

Phase 3: is closing in the deck area and building a semi-hydroponic living wall from recycled materials.

Who's supporting this project?
We are fortunate to have the talents of Robin Christie, Childspace Outdoor Design specialist, working with us to create this new fabulous learning and fun space.  Many thanks for Childspace for their support of our project through reduced design fees.

Z Good In The Hood - in 2014 and 2015 we were one of the Z Taranaki St recipients  of the Good in the Hood funding.  This money contributed to the design fees and 1000L water tank purchased to build resilience in case of emergency and develop understanding and respect for our environment.

Wellington City Council - Through Our Living City Grant we have been able to purchase a 1000L water tank that will be used  build resilience in case of emergency and develop understanding and respect for our environment.

Lotteries Community Grant - has contributed 17% funding of the projected cost of Phase 1 of the outdoor area redevelopment.

Many thanks to our supporters, through your funding, your time and energy this will truly be a wonderful addition to our community based early childhood centre, the children, their families and the wider community.