ERO Report

Education Review Office Report,  18 February 2016

The regular Education Review Office (ERO) review of early childhood centre’s was undertaken in early December 2015.  These reviews cover two main areas: compliance and the Centre’s ability to continue to provide quality education.  The latter is looked at through the lens of how the Centre’s is currently operating and what areas the Centre has identified it wants to further develop.  

ERO has confirmed Mt Cook Preschool is well placed to promote positive learning outcomes for children.  The next review is expected to be in 3 years.   ERO supported the areas Preschool has identified it wants to further develop and as has given some useful feedback.


The review highlights include:

"children experience a child-led, play-based curriculum that supports their investigation and exploration",

"strong partnerships with parents have been developed. children with additional learning needs are well supported in an inclusive environment",

" te reo me ngā tikānga Māori are highly valued and well promoted in the centre. Te reo Māori is heard frequently and used in conversations between teachers and children",

" profile documents provide a rich picture of children’s interests and learning experiences. Celebrations of culture, language and identity are clearly evident in their learning stories, including the use of the child’s home language",

          "successful transitions to school are well supported by effective partnerships between the centre, families and a local school".

The full report can be viewed by clicking here.