Ride Leader/Volunteer Incentive Program

The goal of the Ride Leader/Volunteer Incentive program is to encourage members to lead rides,  volunteer,  and to encourage new ride leaders.  Based on a point system drawing will be held and awards will be presented at the Annual General Meeting Party in November, based on the 1 January 2010 thru the October 2010 General Meeting (Please note that for next ride season the ride/volunteer points window will be extended).   It works like this:

Rides and volunteer events are assigned point values, with a minimum of 10 points necessary to qualify for the drawing.  The name of each eligible member will be put in the hat only once, regardless of how many points the leader has accumulated.  Four winners will be drawn from eligible ride leaders, with each winner receiving a $25 gift certificate redeemable at the bike shop of his/her choice.

Collect 10 points within the above time frame then let the Club Captain know when you think you have qualified.  uThose who have met the criteria will be announced at the Annual General Meeting in November.. 

         To qualify, you must be a member of MTC3.

  1. You get one point for leading a ride that is listed in the club calendar and which follows the Ride Leader Guidelines. Fill out the online ride/waiver waiver sheet for credit. Impromptu (show-n-go)  rides put on the ride calendar are not credited. 
  2. You get three points for volunteering at any of MTC3's major supported events or volunteer rides (Boulevard Lakefront Tour, Bike The Drive,  or a scheduled century).
  3. Get five points for leading a revenue generating ride/event, e.g.Fall Michigan ride,  or for filling a social chair (e.g. membership manager, and others to be determined).

We need more ride leaders. 

If you've been thinking you would like to lead a ride but are unsure how to, we have two ways to help you get going. One way is read the Ride Leader Guideline that is posted on the MTC3 website and volunteer.  Just let the Cub Captain know.  The Rider Leader Guidelines walks you through the simple logistics and helps answer situational questions.

Another way is to get mentored from one of our experienced ride leaders who can guide you in all phases of ride leadership.

If you would like assistance, contact me and I will hook you up with a ride mentor.
If you are already comfortable leading, start earning points by posting rides!!