MT BLUE RSD is committed to providing a safe, nurturing, and accepting environment where students can explore and develop their creative and intellectual abilities. We will educate students, promote their self-esteem, and encourage them to achieve to their maximum potential.

The MT BLUE RSD G.A.T.E. program is an integral component of the MT BLUE RSD Education program. 
G.A.T.E. is designed to serve those students  in grades kindergarten through grade 12 who excel or have the potential to excel beyond their age peers. 

Every child who comes to school has the right to grow and learn and have their educational needs met. All students need to be provided with challenge, learn to take appropriate educational risks and develop the ability to persist when faced with challenging tasks.

Gifted students require specialized instruction and differentiation to meet their educational needs. Their programming needs to be responsive, flexible, allow for choice and be sensitive to their social/emotional as well as academic and artistic needs. They require a higher degree of difficulty, adjustments to pace, increased depth and breadth, as well as a higher degree of difficulty, with process and product that are more complex and more developed than is appropriate for non-gifted same aged peers. Gifted education should respond to the needs of the gifted learners.

Identified students grades K-12 will have their needs met by providing this specialized curricula designed to meet their needs. Students will be provided with a variety of program models, instructional strategies and materials, in lieu of the regular curricula.

G.A.T.E. teachers strive to provide educational experiences and support to gifted students and their classroom teachers that will address their diverse educational and social and emotional needs. 

Please check out our pages to learn more about the needs of gifted students and feel free to contact any of our teachers. We would be happy to try to answer any question you might have about our program.

      G.A.T.E tries to provide challenge for these students.