Parking Lot / Student Pick up

The front westside parking lot is for parent pick up and drop off .   There is additional parking in the back of the building.    For the safety of  your children drop off and pick up along the curb only, please do not stop in the inside lane.
The Eastside parking lot is for Busses, Daycare Vans and staff parking only, NO student pick up or drop off.

                                           End of the day student Pick up

*  Parents who park and pick up their child(ren) please park in back of school and pick up in the cafeteria.                                     

*  Parents who walk and pick up child(ren),  pick up your children in the cafeteria.  Siblings meet each other for pick up in the cafeteria.

*  Parents who pick up in drive-thru (do not get our of their car) meet their child(ren) at the curb.  Siblings whose parents drive thru meet at the curb.

*  Parents should not be waiting for students in front of the school.  Teachers watch carefully to assure students get safely home, when parents cluster in front of the school and/or take their children cause congestion and lost children.