The Marysville School District’s Teaching and Learning Department encompasses all aspects of assessment, curriculum and instruction to accomplish our district mission of “Every student …. 100% Proficient in literacy and math; Graduating on time; Prepared for success in college, career, and responsible citizenship."

Student Achievement: Our district goal continues to focus on student achievement which has led to curriculum and system changes over the last six years. These changes have generated a student-focused and results-driven approach that continues to guide our district.

Professional Development: The Marysville School District recognizes that teachers, principals and educational assistants are an important asset. The Learning and Teaching Department offers resources to assist them as they work with students. We research and guide the selection of standards-based instructional materials and programs. Professional development trainings on instruction, curriculum and data are provided to assist staff in the best educational practices for students.
Parent Involvement: We recognize that parents are the most influential people in our student's lives. The Learning and Teaching Department works with schools to make sure programming, communication and parental involvement opportunities are available so parents have the tools necessary to help their child be successful in their educational experience.

The Value of Teacher Collaboration:  Read more about how teacher's spend early release days on Professional Growth Friday's for collaborating and how it relates to student achievement.

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