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Welcome to the International School of Communications
The International School of Communications embraces a world vision, valuing the perspective and talents unique to each individual in our world and community. We welcome all students, from those who seek rigorous college-prep education to those whose goal is immediate post high school employment. We seek to produce self-directed learners who have developed the problem-solving skills and attitudes necessary to keep pace in a rapidly changing world. We believe that every student should be directly involved the the planning and execution of learning goals and outcomes. We recognize that quality education consists of many elements, including the following: academic development, a program of physical fitness, activities to foster a sense of responsibility toward community, the formation of friendships including those across cultures; and a code of conduct which instills friendships including those across cultures; and a code of conduct which instills self respect, self discipline, honesty, and appreciation of individual differences.

The International School of Communications depends on the leadership of its students. Learn 
to analyze problems, formulate questions, conduct research based on those questions, and develop solutions by applying what you learn. Through projects and problem-based learning across content areas in the the ISC, you will develop skills in self-direction, problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork, and communication-skills that we desperately need to protect our future. The teachers' goal is to be progressively less necessary. They give us the freedom to make our own decisions. Whether you're a vocal leader or lead by example, it's the end result that determines success or failure. In the ISC we make leaders-people who are prepared to step into a college class, the work force, or the military, and succeed. The International School of Communications is on the rise. Brace yourself because you'll see first-hand many success stories told, legacies left, and young adults ready to challenge the world. That's the beauty of the International School of Communications.

Office Staff
Principal - Angie Hansen   360-653-0654
Secretary/Registrar - Charles Ellsworth   360-653-0654
Secretary/Attendance - Karen Coragiulo   360-653-0695
Counselor - Brian Edenholm   360-653-0696
Fax 360-653-0655


Non Scholae Sed Vitae Discimus  -

"We learn not for school, but for life."

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International School of Communications