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        Welcome to 10th Street School

        Have a safe and awesome Summer Break!! 

        Field Trip Season!

        We have scheduled a Parent Forum for May 13th, which will focus on our upcoming field trips. Please come to find out all the details and ask any questions you may have about the trips. 

        Orientation Meeting on Wednesday, April 23rd at 7 p.m. is required for all incoming 6th graders for the 2014-2015 

        school year. Please call the office or email if you have any questions. Any students not at the meeting may be removed 

        from the fall roster and placed at the bottom of the wait list. 

        Saturday, March 29th, the school district hosted one of the district's largest meetings, centered on exploring all options for the future of education in our district. Parents, Teachers, Administrators, Politicians, and Business leaders from our community came together to dream big and explore how we can do better for our kids. Below is a featured video that looks at the current structure of education and why it will benefit our students and our community to not be afraid to change the paradigm. 

        Official Lottery Results are posted now! Please go to "Lottery Information 2014" 

        Tenth Street Middle School is an option school that believes if we:

        - Consistently teach high academic and behavior expectations
        - Hold students accountable
        - Build and maintain strong relationships with students and families within our community
        - Use effective instructional practices
        - Focus on thinking and learning
        - Daily integrate Art and Music

        Then we are building well rounded life-long learners who will succeed beyond Middle School!

        Students that thrive in our school:
        - Want to be in Band and Art
        - Are able to work independently
        - Ask Questions and learn to advocate for themselves
        - Are willing to take responsibility for their education by being organized, meeting deadlines, and coming prepared to classes 

        We understand the transition from elementary into a middle school can sometimes be tougher on the parents, than their students. To help ease the process, we offer Parent 101 classes that will explain the systems of our school and the new supportive role they have as a parent of a responsible middle-schooler. 

        The Schedule: 
        Every student has a time in the day when they are at their optimal learning level. Some kids are morning learners and some are better after lunch. To ensure the students experience each class during that time, we employ a rotating schedule. Every three weeks (or so) we'll rotate the schedule. Below are the three different schedules we employ throughout the school year. 

        Rotating Schedule

        Schedule A             
          1 2 3 4 5 6
        PE/Health  7N          7S  6N      6S  8N  8S
        Band  7S      7N  6S  6N  8S  8N
        Science  8E  8W  7E  7W  6E  6W
        Math  8W  8E  7W  7E  6W  6E
        LA  6A  6B  8A  8B  7A  7B
        SS  6B  6A  8B  8A  7B  7A
        Schedule B            
          1 2 3 4 5 6
        PE/Health  6N  6S  8N  8S  7N  7S
          Band  6S  6N  8S  8N  7S  7N
        Science  7E  7W  6E  6W  8E  8W
         Math  7W  7E  6W  6E  8W  8E
         LA  8A  8B  7A  7B  6A  6B
          SS  8B  8A  7B  7A  6B    6A  
         Schedule C            
          1 2 3 4 5 6
        PE/Health  8N  8S  7N  7S  6N  6S
        Band  8S  8N  7S  7N  6S  6N
        Science  6E  6W  8E  8W  7E  7W
        Math  6W  6E  8W  8E  7W  7E
        LA  7A  7B  6A  6B  8A  8B
        SS  7B  7A  6B  6A  8B  8A