Welcome to 10th Street School

The Schedule: 
Every student has a time in the day when they are at their optimal learning level. Some kids are morning learners and some are better after lunch. To ensure the students experience each class during that time, we employ a rotating schedule. Every three weeks (or so) we'll rotate the schedule. Below are the three different schedules we employ throughout the school year. 

Rotating Schedule

Schedule A             
  1 2 3 4 5 6
PE/Health  7N          7S  6N      6S  8N  8S
Band  7S      7N  6S  6N  8S  8N
Science  8E  8W  7E  7W  6E  6W
Math  8W  8E  7W  7E  6W  6E
LA  6A  6B  8A  8B  7A  7B
SS  6B  6A  8B  8A  7B  7A
Schedule B            
  1 2 3 4 5 6
PE/Health  6N  6S  8N  8S  7N  7S
  Band  6S  6N  8S  8N  7S  7N
Science  7E  7W  6E  6W  8E  8W
 Math  7W  7E  6W  6E  8W  8E
 LA  8A  8B  7A  7B  6A  6B
  SS  8B  8A  7B  7A  6B    6A  
 Schedule C            
  1 2 3 4 5 6
PE/Health  8N  8S  7N  7S  6N  6S
Band  8S  8N  7S  7N  6S  6N
Science  6E  6W  8E  8W  7E  7W
Math  6W  6E  8W  8E  7W  7E
LA  7A  7B  6A  6B  8A  8B
SS  7B  7A  6B  6A  8B  8A

School Supply List


9 x 12 Spiral Bound Sketch Book 

This kind of binding                         Not this kind of binding, because the pages fall out too easily! 

12 Crayola brand colored pencils

6 - #2 Pencils

3 - Glue Sticks (White) UHU or Avery are best brands

2 each: Black fine point and ultra fine point "sharpie" pens

1 - Kneaded eraser

1 - Hand-held pencil sharpener

1 - pair of good scissors


1 - Pair of tennis shoes that can be left in their gym locker for P.E. 

Uniform order forms will be handed out after school starts. 


6th Grade ONLY -  Composition Book 


Smart Music Subscription (www.smartmusic.com)

Essential Elements 2000 for the appropriate grade and instrument

Instrument with case and Care & Maintenance Kit

Reeds if applicable (Buy at least 4 size 2 reeds - 10 packs are the best value)

iPad with durable case and Name written on the OUTSIDE of the case. 

If you have your iPad, here are a few of the apps you'll be using:




Notability ($)

Khan Academy (great Math resource)

Optional Supplies:

Cup O' Noodles (we like to keep some on hand for students without lunches)

Here's to an amazing 2014-2015 school year!!