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Lesson Plans

1. Darwin Builds Better Cars: Lessons Evolving Online Vehicles

The Lesson Plan:

This lesson developed by Anne Royer, Elizabeth Schultheis, and Louise Mead allows students to explore how the basic principles of evolution can be used to produce a better vehicle using web-based software. 

2. What did T. rex taste like?


3. Evolution in Action (NOVA)

Game that simulates how random mutations help "living things" survive in a changing environment. 
    The Origin of Species Lizards in an Evolutionary Tree: Using DNA to Explore Lizard Phylogeny

5. Variety is the Spice of Life: Why genetic drift is important (KBS K-12 Partnership lesson plan)

Link to Variety is the Spice of Life lesson plan

Links to Useful Resources:

Wisconsin Fast Plants

Multicellularity Lab

Understanding Evolution Teaching Materials

    What are evograms? a good way to present macroevolution

Next Generation Science Standards

Michigan Introductory Event

Resource Page

AAAS Science Assessment

Tree of Life Web Project  

FloTree: Life on Earth

   The FloTree is a playful representation of the evolutionary process acting over a continuous stream of living things. On a multi-touch table, the simulation represents change from generation to generation in a population of organisms.

NOVA: Judgement Day PBS special on the Intelligent Design trial


Time Tree (Tree of Life project) use to look up two species to learn when they last shared a common ancestor

What Teachers Make

Just a pretty fantastic TED talk poem

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