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Lesson Plans

1. Darwin Builds Better Cars: Lessons Evolving Online Vehicles

The Lesson Plan:

This lesson developed by Anne Royer, Elizabeth Schultheis, and Louise Mead allows students to explore how the basic principles of evolution can be used to produce a better vehicle using web-based software. 

2. What did T. rex taste like?


3. Evolution in Action (NOVA)

Game that simulates how random mutations help "living things" survive in a changing environment. 
    The Origin of Species Lizards in an Evolutionary Tree: Using DNA to Explore Lizard Phylogeny

5. Variety is the Spice of Life: Why genetic drift is important (KBS K-12 Partnership lesson plan)

Link to Variety is the Spice of Life lesson plan

6. The Great Clade Race

pdf of The Great Clade Race

pdf of The Great Clade Race with pipe cleaner phylogenetic tree activity

Links to Useful Resources:

Wisconsin Fast Plants

Multicellularity Lab

Understanding Evolution Teaching Materials

    What are evograms? a good way to present macroevolution

Next Generation Science Standards

Michigan Introductory Event

Resource Page

AAAS Science Assessment

Tree of Life Web Project  

FloTree: Life on Earth

   The FloTree is a playful representation of the evolutionary process acting over a continuous stream of living things. On a multi-touch table, the simulation represents change from generation to generation in a population of organisms.

NOVA: Judgement Day PBS special on the Intelligent Design trial


Time Tree (Tree of Life project) use to look up two species to learn when they last shared a common ancestor

What Teachers Make

Just a pretty fantastic TED talk poem

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