About Teaching Evolution in Action

Program Description

Teaching Evolution Summer 2015

This is a field-based research and educational experience at Kellogg Biological Station (KBS) that will combine course work in ecology with discussions of how ecological processes lead to evolutionary change.  The program is designed to give pre-service teachers a deeper understanding of how ecological processes contribute to evolutionary principles.  

A unique aspect of this program will be the opportunity for pre-service teachers to work with in-service teachers, along with faculty in ecology and teacher education, to develop curricular materials that demonstrate "evolution in action" and address the performance expectations that meet the current Michigan Content Standards and Benchmarks and Next Generation Science Standards for middle (life science) and high school (biology) science curricula. 

Several decades of research have shown that beginning teachers need to develop a deep understanding of science and pedagogy to engage their students in authentic science learning experiences (Abell 2007; NRC 2007).  We believe that teachers exposed to the KBS experience will have the tools to teach evolution more effectively.

Program Schedule

The 2015 program will take place May 18 - August 7, 2015. For a full schedule see below.

Teaching Evolution Summer Schedule 2015