Forming Teams

Before we begin our preparation activities you need to become a "team member" because from the beginning, the work is collaborative

Teams have been chosen by school building, district or grade-level to allow for collaboration.  During your session you will do your research project in your team.  When you return to school your team members will be there for brainstorming and support.  If your school decides to submit for a Schoolyard Improvement Grant you will do so as a District team.  

Steps to Forming a Team:

  1. Refer to the Introduction Presentation to learn about your teammates.  
    1. Session 1
    2. Session 2
  2. To view your team, visit the google doc for your session.  On the doc, please indicate what kind of technology you have (ex. smartphone, tablet, laptop) and which operating system (Android, Apple or Windows).  Don't panic if you DO NOT have any of this technology, you will be able to practice with an ipad while you are here.  If you have a question or concern contact Kara Haas.  
    3. Ideally each team will have at least one Twitter user and a mixture of technology             skills to share.  
    4. Please share your contact information to make collaboration easier!  Please add                 your phone and email to your session's contact list: