Communicating Investigations

Presentation on Inquiry Questions (Thursday and Friday)

In your school group, choose a data set from a Field Investigation that you enjoyed. You will have time to revisit the investigation and gather additional data (Thursday). Look critically at the findings to come up with conclusions and to identify limitations.

So, what have we got so far? Your presentation should include:

  1. Title, team names
  2. Phenomena
  3. Inquiry question/s
  4. Data Collection method
  5. Findings/Data analysis- can be multiple slides (use tables or graphs)
  6. Conclusions: Answer your inquiry question: what conclusions can be made? Explain how you came to this/these conclusion/s.
  7. Limitations of the investigation
  8. Pictures!
  9. Tips? Or Next time I would....

The Show Begins - turn these findings into a presentation to Communicate your Investigation

Your product will be presented in team presentations. We've prepared a template for each team to help organize your presentation.

1. Go to your team's presentation space, and add the content as instructed. You can add other aspects/products/insights that you believe are important to your presentation.

If you wish to use another presentation mode, such as a movie or comic, or add audio effects, you are welcome to do so. Just remember to add the link.

Session 1 Presentations

Team 1 - Presentation

Team 2 - Presentation

Team 3 - Presentation

Team 4 - Presentation

Session 2 Presentations

Team 1 - Presentation - Bullock Creek/Floyd

Team 2 - Presentation - Battle Creek/Detroit

Team 3 - Presentation - Gull Lake

Team 4 - Presentation - Summit