Dates and Destinations

Dates (tentative): Saturday, May 14, Friday, June 3, 2016

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Maastricht, The Netherlands

Aachen, Germany

Brussels, Belgium

Paris, France


Students will be required to enroll in six (6) credits in the following courses

CEP 416, Teaching and Learning with Technology, 3 credits*

CEP/TE 491 or 891, Special Topics, 3 credits

* If you've already taken CEP 416, you may enroll in CEP490/890

Why This Program?

Are you passionate about...

  • developing your global competence by visiting a wide range culturally diverse students and schools?
  • taking your knowledge of effective technology use to the next level? (all skill levels accommodated)
  • the idea of teaching overseas in International Schools?

If yes, this program is for you.

This program is appropriate for undergraduate, intern, and master’s students both inside and outside the College of Education. It is especially well suited to students who want to learn more about culturally diverse students, different kinds of school systems, or overseas teaching.

Program Highlights

Visit culturally diverse European schools

Students have opportunities to visit progressive Dutch, German, and French schools as participant observers. In addition, students will visit an International School and a Montessori School. Schools were chosen for their cultural diversity, opportunities for interactions with students and teachers, and potential for illuminating interesting comparisons to US schools.

Learn about the world of International Schools

We have plans to visit a number of International Schools in The Netherlands and France (e.g., United World College, The American School in Paris). Students can learn more about what International Schools are, what it is like to be an International School teacher, and how to get connected to the International School network to find a job.

Become more proficient with educational technology

The students' field experiences will be the basis for considering the core issues of this program: the intersection of learning, technology, and culture. Technologies such as digital photography and video, podcasts, and blogs will be used both as means to look more closely at phenomena related to learning and culture. Technology will also be central to representing and sharing ideas. By the end of the program, students will have greater proficiency at using a wide range of technologies and a deeper understanding of how technology can be used effectively by themselves and others.

Live in beautiful, modern, cosmopolitan facilities

During the three weeks, students will live in Amsterdam, Paris, and Maastricht. Most of the time will be spent in Maastricht, the oldest city in the Netherlands and home to one of the finest universities in The Netherlands. Maastricht University is in the scenic historic district of the city.

Experience Europe

This program offers students the opportunity to experience three countries: The Netherlands, France, and Germany. All visits are made even more memorable because we will have a native guide and many opportunities to spend time with teachers and students.

In addition, The Netherlands is centrally located starting point for students wanting to travel in Europe after the program.

Gateway to a Masters Degree

The two courses in this program fit well into students in the undergraduate Teacher Certification program. In addition, the six credits from courses can be taken in such a way that they can be applied toward one of several Masters programs in our College. See the "Courses" section of this site.


MSU students must apply online.

Non-MSU students can also apply here. When prompted, you should click on the button that says “I DO NOT have an MSU NetID”. This will take you to the online application for non-MSU students.

Applications must be received in the Office of Study Abroad by March 1st for summer programs.  We strongly recommend that you apply early - before Thanksgiving, if possible - as many programs fill to capacity prior to their deadlines. 

Selection of applicants is done on a rolling admission basis - that is, applications are accepted and students are evaluated and considered for admission throughout the academic year.  Please remember that applying early and meeting the minimum eligibility requirements does not guarantee admission.

A $100 application fee is required.  Students will receive an e-bill for the application fee that is applied to the cost of the program and is non-refundable once a student has accepted admission into the program. If students decide not to accept admission, the application fee will be refunded.  Students who have accepted admission may also be billed for a non-refundable and non-transferable $200 deposit, also applied to the cost of the program.

Students who wish to withdraw their application are required to notify the Office of Study Abroad, in writing, that they no longer intend to participate.

Acceptance to all programs is based, minimally, on a program leader review of your transcript and a review of the Judicial Affairs Office records (MSU students) or Dean of Students Reference (non-MSU students).

Details about the admissions process, pre-departure information, what to know while you’re abroad, and information about returning home can be found in the Study Abroad Student Guide.

Program fees, dates, and arrangements are subject to change, due to unforeseen considerations.

For further assistance, contact:

Allison Freed, webst162@msu.edu, Program Leader, 250C Erickson Hall, 517.243.8140

David Wong, dwong@msu.edu, Past Program Leader and Faculty Leader, 513 Erickson Hall, 517.353.5954

Joella Cogan, coganj@msu.edu, Head Academic Advisor, 134 Erickson Hall, 517.432.2733

Brook Thompson, brookt@msu.edu, Administrative Assistant, 448 Erickson Hall, 517.432.4875

John Olle, ollejohn@msu.edu, Academic Advisor, Online MAED, 424 Erickson Hall, 517.353.0681

Paul Kurf, kurf@msu.edu, Academic Advisor, MATC/MALIT, 301G Erickson, 517.884.1889

Leigh Wolf, gravesle@msu.edu, Program Coordinator, MAEdTech, 509D Erickson Hall, 517.432.7195

Elizabeth Wandschneider, plagwitz@msu.edu, Assistant Director, Office of Study Abroad, 109 Intl Ctr, 517.432.9544