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Welcome to General Chemistry Lab I.  Chemistry lab can be a fun and exciting experience, IF you come to class prepared and ready to work safely.  During this course you explore many concepts discussed in CEM 141.  Be sure to read through the entire syllabus and safety information located on the left.  This site is used to highlight the information set out on the syllabus and can be used to remind you of important events. 

This course also requires you to use OWL for online pre-labs.  Nearly every lab requires you to complete a pre-lab exercise, and all OWL pre-labs are open, at least, 10 days prior to being due.   OWL assignments are due at 7:30am the day of lab.  Keep on top of these assignments you MUST earn at least 15 points out of a possible 36, otherwise you will automatically receive a 0.0 in the course. 

This course also has a very strict No Make-Up policy and if you miss more than four (4) labs you will automatically receive a 0.0 in the course.

Be sure to look at your specific lab day!


  • Chemistry Laboratory Safety Sheets - Required BEFORE first Lab! Good Afternoon, As a student in our general chemistry labs, you are required to read and complete a chemical safety sheet BEFORE you can check into your lab drawer.   The process is really easy and takes only a minute or two to complete. Just go to and sign in with your MSUNet ID and Password.   Fill it out today and save precious lab time during check in next week!!! -Dr. Ward
    Posted Jan 12, 2015, 1:38 PM by Joseph Ward
  • OWL Homework We will be using OWL as our pre-lab assignment system this semester.  Completion of the OWL pre-lab problem sets is a requirement for a passing grade in CEM 161 (you must earn a minimum of 15 points or you will fail regardless of points earned on labs.) Attached are the instructions for accessing the system. Follow the instructions carefully. The access code for CEM 161/162 lab is different from the one for 141/142.  The cost of the code should be approximately $5 and is available online or in the general chemistry office, room 185 Chemistry. Enter your student number carefully when you register your access code.  The student number is your MSU PID ("A" followed by ...
    Posted May 12, 2015, 6:01 AM by Joseph Ward
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