External Funding Contributions

The purpose of the External Funding Contributions (EFC) program is to supplement the resources of existing student organizations, and to jumpstart new organizations.
The overall concept for the EFC program is that organizations complete a request that outlines their overall finances, and apply to a specific account. The information below will help you understand what accounts you are eligible to apply for. 

Key Points:
  • Remember to schedule your review meeting before the deadline! You must meet with your application is submitted. 
  • The application must be typed.
  • Use Google Calendar to schedule an appointment.
  • Submit both an OrgSync and Paper Copy only after meeting with SAFB
  • Submit the Paper Copy to Rebecca Birker in 242 Havner, with Signatures. 
  • The Paper & OrgSync copy must be submitted by 5pm the Friday the 4th week of classes. 
    • For Fall 2016, this is September 16th. 

Overview of Accounts:

SAFB, through Student Council, determines how much money should be allocated each academic year to the EFC accounts. Each account has a specific purpose, and a specialized application process.

Specific Student Organizations:

If you are eligible to apply to one of these two accounts, you are generally not eligible to receive funding from the club appropriations account. Applications to these accounts are accepted in the Fall Only. The deadline is the fourth Friday of the fall semester. Generally, up to 50% of expenses can be covered.
  • Non-Varsity Sports Account 
  • Professional Projects Account (Design Teams)

General Purpose:

The Club Appropriations account is designed for organizations who are not Direct Student Funded (DSF), and who apply to neither of the two above accounts. Applications to this account are accepted each semester, and are due the fourth Friday of each semester. Generally, up to 50% of expenses can be covered.
  • Club Appropriations Account

Special Funding:

These two accounts provide a higher level of funding than all other accounts, as they are designed to increase what is possible for Student Organizations. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, but need to be submitted 60 days before any event or expense. It is possible for over 50% of expenses to be covered.
  • Equipment & Continences Account, expenses over $5,000
    • The E&C Account is not technically an EFC account, and is open to applications from DSF organizations. It is listed here as it operates in a similar manner. 
  • Campus Events Account, events that provide a unique benefit open to the entire campus.

Application Process:

  1. Download the appropriate application from this website or OrgSync.
  2. Detail both an overview of your organization's finances, and the specific items you are requesting.
    • The line items listed should be comprehensive of all expenses, and request funding for a subset of the line items.
    • Line items where you are not requesting funding can be more general, to the level of a general event or activity.
    • However, line items where funding is being requested should be as detailed as possible.   
  3. Schedule at time to meet with SAFB to review your preliminary application.
    • This is an opportunity to make changes before your final application. 
    • Meet with Someone Labeled "EFC" and NOT "DSF"
  4. Submit a printed copy to Rebecca Birkner, in 242 Havener. This copy should have signatures. 
    • The printed copy should be submitted by 5pm on the Friday the 4th week of classes.
    • If Rebecca Birkner is not available, please ask at the SILC front desk. 
  5. Submit a digital copy to OrgSync. This copy does not need to be signed.
  6. SAFB will present their recommendation to Student Council, and Student Council will vote on it.
  7. Within a few days, you can contact Rebecca Birkner in 242 to access your funds by filling out a purchase request.

General Requirements:

  • Active attendance at Student Council Meetings
  • Be a Recognized Student Organization, contact Student Life at stulife@mst.edu for more information. 

Availability & Extensions: 

  • For all accounts except Club Appropriations, allocated funds are available during the academic year they were approved.
  • Club Appropriations are available during the semester they were approved. 
  • You can submit a extension request, available here
  • Please login to OrgSync to view forms

Reallocation Requests:

  • To reallocate approved funds to a different expense, submit the form available here  with an annotated copy of your application.
  • Approval of SAFB is required to spend funds in a way differently than approved.
  • Please login to OrgSync to view forms


  • An appeal process is available, submit the form available here
  • Please login to OrgSync to view forms