The Student Activity Finance Board (SAFB) has made the following recommendation for the FY2020 Direct Student Funding:

Copy of DSF- Recomendation 2018


The Student Activity Finance Board, known as SAFB, provides recommendations and coordinates with Student Council on a multitude of finance related issues. However, the membership of SAFB expands beyond student council. The 18 voting members together represent the full range of S&T, from design teams to non-varsity sports. SAFB has three defined purposes:
  1. To provide to the Student Council a recommendation of student activity fees and their distribution to recognized student organizations.
  2. To financially review recognized student organizations at its own discretion or at the request of Student Council Executive Board and Student Life
  3. To manage the reallocation of Student Council approved External Funding Committee funds within specific organizations budget

External Funding Contributions:

The External Funding Contributions process appropriates out funds generated from the Student Activity Fee to student organizations on campus. Every account accepts applications within the first four weeks of the fall semester. EFC funds can, generally, only cover up to 50% of an organization's expenses. SAFB provides a recommendation to student council, who approves the final allocations.

We welcome applications from student organizations to the EFC accounts. Please email or reach out to the Director of External Funding Contributions for more information. 

EFC Accounts:


Direct Student Funding:

The Direct Student Funding Process works directly with the Student Activity Fee. The total Student Activity Fee is charged to every on campus student, each semester. Then, the generated funds are distributed down to the student organizations. The breakdown for the Student Activity Fee is decided through the Direct Student Funding (DSF) process. Adding new organizations to the DSF breakdown is a considered process, but the funds have relatively few restrictions compared to External Funding Contributions. The DSF process occurs each fall, and the approved fee is implemented the following academic year.

DSF Organizations:
  • Associated Students of the University of Missouri
  • St. Pat's Committee
  • RollaMO Yearbook
  • MissouriMiner Newspaper
  • Student Union Board 
  • KMNR Radio Station
  • Student Council
  • Varsity Athletics
  • Career Opportunities & Employer Relations
  • Miner Golf Course
  • Havener Center
  • Performing Arts
  • All 5 EFC Accounts
Contact the Director of Student Funding (DSF) to learn more about the process, and if you are interested in creating a new fee within the Student Activity Fee. 

SAFB Calender