Welcome to Missouri S&T's Regenerative Medicine Laboratory


Research in our lab is centered on obtaining a better understanding of regenerative medicine and adult stem cell biology.  Mesenchymal stem / progenitor cells (MSCs) have been used for cell therapy and in tissue engineering because of their ability to differentiate into multiple mesenchymal and non-mesenchymal lineages in vitro, their immune modulatory effects, and their ability to home to sites of tissue damage. MSCs have been isolated from several tissues, including bone marrow, adipose tissue, and umbilical cord blood. MSCs derived from different sources are being utilized in clinical studies for the treatment of several diseases despite the large range in therapeutic success. 


The mission of the Regenerative Medicine Laboratory at Missouri  S&T is to:
  • Contribute to the understanding of regenerative medicine and stem cell biology in terms of both basic and translational science.
  • Train future researchers and clinicians in regenerative medicine by providing a comprehensive research.
  • Enhance the visibility of Missouri S&T's Regenerative Medicine program by providing a comprehensive, well characterized supply of adult stem cells.
  • Create an interactive community of researchers and clinicians in Missouri to advocate adult stem cell research and therapeutics.

Est 2014

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