Student Research

Opportunities for Student Research under the direction of Dr. Aronstam are available in the both the cDNA Resource Center and the Laboratory of Neurobiology:

cDNA Resource Center ( The cDNA Center provides clones of human signal transduction proteins to scientists throughout the world. Students may learn basic procedures in molecular genetics, including gene isolation, characterization, amplification, cloning and sequencing.

  cDNA Staff, 2012

Laboratory of Neurobiology. The focus of research is synaptic signal transduction. Biochemical, pharmacological, physiological and toxicological analysis of the signaling mediated by muscarinic acetylcholine receptors is the focus of this work. Ligand binding analysis, regulation of gene expression, and calcium-mediated responses are current areas of interest; approaches include fluorescent imaging, radiolabelled ligand binding, cell culture, and microarray analysis. 

 Laboratory of Neurobiology, December 2011
Graduate Students:

Pradnya Patil

Scot Harms

Sharen Wang

Hisu-Jen Wang

Adam Martin

Current Undergraduate Students:

Lauren Anderson

Derrick Callahan

Hannah Frye

Elizabeth Drinker

Anne Safron

Abe Steurer

Jeremy Willhoite

Ariel Lewis