Taipei Lecture  Bob and SUsan   
 Lecture, Taipei, Taiwan, June 2011Susan and Bob  Belle and Liz
  Emily, Jason and Sienna  
  Bob and Sienna  Jason, Emily and Sienna  Bob, Susan and Joan at Lincoln home, Springfield
 Joan and Tiger 
July 22, 2011 Bob and Susan   
Belle in her Life vest
  Joan and Tiger
 Family at Bob at Susan's wedding.  Belle in her life vest, Kalamazoo MI, April 2013
Lizzy, Emily and Sienna
 Tiger and I  
  Lizzy, Sienna and Emily  Bob and Tiger  Most of us, Thanksgiving 2012
  Sienna  Lizzy, Bob and Emily, June 2012  Stuart, Liz and Joan in Kalamazoo
  Joan Sienna and Bob  Pumpkin patch Sienna  Sienna and Duncan Dog
  Betel nut lady, Hualien Taiwan  Bob and Lizzy at night market  BioSci graduates, May 2013

  Bob and Sienna, April 2013  Cave biology, summer 2013