Milestone 2 Quiz

The quiz is optional and may be taken by one team member on behalf of the whole team. The quiz is conducted in the lab periods on 10-13th of February, respectively (no exceptions).

A passing mark is worth two mark points to be counted against mark points lost for failing test cases of Milestone 2 code submissions. Not taking the quiz or a failing of the quiz will not be counted. The accounting for passing the quiz will be handled internally, you do not have to worry about it.

The objectives of the quiz are to evaluate whether you have a sufficient understanding of the testsubmitece297s script to help ensure that your submissions builds on the ug machines and whether you have been using Subversion effectively in your team-centered software development efforts.

Proper use of testsubmitece297s

We evaluate the proper use of testsubmitece297s as:

  • knowing how to successfully launch the script;
  • knowing how to capture the output of the script for a posterio inspection;
  • understanding the output produced by the script;
  • analyzing warnings and errors produced by the script;
  • presenting (or showing, if time permits) a path to fix a couple of errors produced by the script.

The team (student) examined has to show the ability to complete all of the above tasks without difficulty.

Effective use of Subversion

We evaluate the effective use of svn as:

  • the continuous use of svn by all team members since the week before, i.e. a total of at least 10 documented repository interactions spread out over the week with at least 2 interactions per team member; The cut-off date to qualify is February 6th.
  • the documentation of all interactions with the repo, such as documenting a commit, for instance (we expect all repository changing interactions to be documented in the repository);
  • the expert interaction with svn, i.e., checkout, commit, update.

The continuous use of svn is assessed by inspecting the output of commands such as svn statussvn logsvn diffsvn cat, or svn list. Similarly, the documentation requirement is assessed in the same manner.

The expert interaction with svn may be assessed by asking the student to remove a file, remove the working copy, retrieve a lost file, checkout a new working copy, retrieve an earlier revision of a file, show a difference among two revisions of a file, or through the use of the above listed repository inspection commands.

Modus Operandi

A team who wishes to take the quiz must approach one of the TAs in the lab times as specified above in the room SF 2204. The TA will ask the team to demonstrate the execution of testsubmitece297s, provide a reasonable and knowledgeable discussion of the output, and demonstrate the effective use of svn as specified above. If this interaction is convincing for the TA, the team passes the quiz.

Note: The quiz runs in SF 2204 for the first two hours of each lab session. For the last hour, please go to SF 2102.

The room will be reserved for taking quizzes. After setting up and finishing the quiz, please leave the room and continue working in the other labs. Quizzes start and finish promptly. After the completion of the labs, no more quizzes will be administered.

We anticipate a quiz to take no more than 5 minutes.