Milestone 4


With this assignment we pursue the following learning objectives. From the software development perspective, in this assignment you will learn about:

  • understand concurrency and synchronization
  • use multi-tasking and multi-processing (optionally) for concurrency
  • learn about light-weight transactions, especially about atomicity
  • quantify the performance implications of concurrency

From the communications perspective, in this assignment you will:

  • compile, update, revise, edit and proof-read a document so that it is clear, concise and fully readable,
  • report individually in a professional manner on your progress, achievements and lessons learned, including meaningful strategies for solving problems.

Relevant tech talks

Optional Tech talks will be given by TAs during lab hours each week. Here are the Tech talks relevant to Milestone 4 (cf. TAs and Labs):

  1. Concurrent processes with threads
  2. Concurrent processes with processes
  3. Concurrent processes with select

Detailed assignment specifications

Follow link for detailed assignment specifications.

Submission instructions

Follow link for detailed assignment specifications.

Document revisions

Any notable changes to the handout will be listed in the table below:

Date Revisions
Mar 13 Milestone is officially released.