Milestone 3


With this assignment we pursue the following learning objectives. From the software development perspective, in this assignment you will learn to:

  • implement more advanced parsing functions
  • experiment with more complex queries
  • extend the data schema types supported by the storage server
  • continue to add unit tests and use the unit testing framework
  • apply unit testing to ensure code quality
  • apply code-generation-based parsing techniques to simplify parsing development (optional)

From the communications perspective, in this assignment you will learn to:

  • perform meaningful revision, incorporating Communication Instructor input, new understandings, as well as new developments so that your design is documented more precisely and concisely than in the previous iteration,
  • increase the flow of your document by implementing Principles 9 & 12-17 from Engineering Communication: From Principles to Practice,
  • incorporate diagrams, tables and other visuals into the document appropriately,
  • effectively report and track bugs during the development process.

Relevant tech talks

Optional Tech talks will be given by TAs during lab hours each week. Here are the Tech talks relevant to Milestone 3 (cf. TAs and Labs):

Detailed assignment specifications

Follow link for detailed assignment specifications.

Submission instructions

Follow link for detailed submission instructions..

Document revisions

Any notable changes to the handout will be listed in the table below:

Date Revisions
Mar 10th
Clarified parsing section.
Feb 17th
Milestone is officially assigned.