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Submission instructions

Code submission

Note: The submission process for Milestone 1 is unique since it is done individually and not as team, as will be required in subsequent milestones. Please read the instructions carefully and do not assume the instructions will work again for subsequent milestones.

You will be submitting one file: storage-asst1.tgz which is to contain your complete source code.

Create and submit storage-asst1.tgz as follows. Locate the directory storage which contains your code:
> cp -ar storage/ storage-asst1/
> rm *.log
> tar zcf storage-asst1.tgz storage-asst1
> rm -r storage-asst1
> submitece297s 1 storage-asst1.tgz

Check submitted files

We only mark the most recent files submitted. You can check these files by entering:

> submitece297s -l 1

In particular check the files' size and date.

Marking guidelines

Your assignment will be marked based on the code you submit.

The code you submit for this assignment will be evaluated as follows. We will build your system and test it for correctness based on a set of test cases. For example, we will issue get/set calls and check the logged output at both the client and server.

It is therefore critically important that you adhere to the Makefile template and code template we provide for you, as our build scripts will be based on these files. 

Marks will be allocated to a flawless build of your system. Should your build fail, we will try to fix the problem with application of reasonable effort, but would deduct some marks. Should our intervention not lead to successfully building your system, we will inspect your submission and allocate marks based on an assessment of the development effort, the documentation, the clarity and cleanliness of your code. However, marks will be deducted to differentiate from submissions that correctly build and pass test cases.

Marks will also be allocated to the number of test cases your system correctly passes.

Tentative code marking scheme

Here is a rough guideline for the marking scheme of the coding portion of this assignment:

  • [2 marks] Program build: 2 marks if the program compiles at the correct directory.
  • [6 marks] Command-line shell: 1 mark each for a reasonable attempt to implement each command.
  • [1 marks] Logging replacement: 1 mark for replacing all LOG() calls.
  • [5 marks] Logging in client library: 1 mark for each well-justified log call added to storage.c. 1 mark for the proper client log format.
  • [6 marks] Server logging tests: 1 mark for each logging test that passed. Functionalities such as logging every command sent from a client to a file are tested. 1 mark for the proper server log format

The assignment is worth 20 marks in total.