Introduction to the New Jordan Chapter

INRUD Jordan Chapter aims to improve the rational use of medicine in Jordan through conducting baseline research, advocacy and capacity building on the level of health care providers and patients. The social and behavioral aspects of medicine use represent an important area that INRUD Jordan is interested in exploring its facets and impact on the actual use of medicine.  Rational selection of medicines, development of standard treatment guidelines and improving pharmacovigilance and safe use of medicines are also key priorities for the group.

Capacity building activities will be on the group agenda for 2014. Training and education in pharmacoeconomics, pharmacovigilance, and evidence base medicine represent an essential need in Jordan. These activities will be the building block that will open the way for using evidence and research in improving the use of medicines on the level of policy change and implementation.

INRUD Jordan chapter is characterized by its multistakholder nature and the diversity of experience of its members. The group consists of pharmacists, physicians, health care quality specialist and a social scientist. 

INRUD Jordan group looks at young generation of medical students as an opportunity for change and excellence. Therefore, young generation pharmacist, Pharm D student along with other students from other medical field will have a chance to participate in INRUD Jordan chapter activities.

INRUD Group Reports

To keep up to date with INRUD group activities we will post new and updated INRUD group reports as they are sent in. They have not been edited. As new groups join we will post their profile on this page. So although at present we are unable to produce the INRUD News, we can all still keep in touch with country activities.

Group Reports