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INRUD sponsors research projects on behavior change to improve drug use in member countries. INRUD members are expanding the projects' focus to drug use in hospitals and the private sector, and to cost issues.

The WHO manual How to Investigate Drug Use in Health Facilities: Selected Drug Use Indicators is based largely on work INRUD members have done to develop, field test, and refine drug use indicators. This quantitative assessment tool includes definitions of drug use indicators, methods for collecting and analyzing data, survey forms, and follow-up steps to be taken after a drug use problem has been identified. INRUD has also prepared a complementary publication, How to Use Applied Qualitative Methods to Design Drug Use Interventions (draft).

In addition, MSH, under USAID funding, has developed a working draft of a manual How to Investigate Antimicrobial Drug Use in Hospitals: Selected Indicators. This has been field tested by two INRUD groups in Nepal and Ghana and duly revised. If anyone tries it out, please communicate the results to the INRUD coordinator.

Training is another vitally important area of improving drug use. Working with local groups and ministries of health, MSH/INRUD and WHO/EDM have jointly sponsored annual two-week courses on promoting rational drug use in Asia and Africa.

For those who can not attend training, Promoting Rational Drug Use (PRDU) course materials are also available online at the PRDU course materials website, hosted by Boston University School of Public Health. 

INRUD News is published once or twice yearly on this website. It contains news about activities in member countries, reviews of published articles, material on important topics in drug use, commentaries from interested readers, and notices about future activities. When in paper format it was free of charge with a circulation of over 3,000 in 68 countries. It is now freely available from this website. 

To download current and past issues of INRUD News, click here.

Chinese-language INRUD News is also being published in China. For more information, please contact:
Dr. Tang Jingbo
INRUD News - China
Director of Dept. of Clinical Pharmacology
Liu-Hua-Qiao Hospital
No. 111 Liu Hua Hospital
Guangzhou 510010 PR China
Tel: 86-20-8666-2205, 9230
Fax: 86-20-8666-8019 

INRUD Bibliography
The INRUD Drug Use Bibliography is an annotated bibliography of published and unpublished articles, books, reports, and other documents related to drug use, with a special focus on developing countries. It now contains over 8,000 entries and is updated regularly. Submissions of materials for the database are welcome.

Although the INRUD Medicines Use Bibliography is now available online at this Web site, it may also be obtained on disk in CD-ROM format. Contact Ann Payson to receive a copy.

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