Welcome to our new AMS Guidance Website!

8th Grade Students,
Please Click on the Link to Visit:

Interest Inventory #1
Click on "New Users Register Here"
Fill out register by using your school ID and school password
After you are signed up, go to the top tab called "Learn about Myself"
Now, take the "My Interest" Test.  

Interest Inventory #2
Stay on this site for the next website to complete
Go to "Drive of your Life" and register again.
You will have to do this again, 
as this is a different site altogether.
Click on Sign Up
Go through this series of careers and accept up to 5 careers 
to review and then finish your drive
If you need to SAVE to finish at a later time, hit the "X" on the inside of the screen.

Thank you so much and good luck in your future education!