How French "works"

J'adore les croissants.                                I like croissants.
Tu n'aimes pas les croissants?                    You don't like croissants?
Je voudrais un croissant.                            I would like a croissant.

J'aime la danse et je voudrais danser.          I like dance and I would like to dance.
Qu'est-ce que tu voudrais faire?                    What would you like to do?

In the above phrases, perhaps silly as they might be, how French "works" is modeled.

Click "French in a Nutshell" to see how these words are all put together.  And use the above links to get stronger.

"Grammar" can be a scary term.  You can speak a language without understanding grammar. Yet, for some of us, being able to categorize the words we are learning helps us know what to do when we learn a new word. "Grammar" can be like "buckets" of information that help simplify language learning.  Read in "French in a Nutshell" about the main "buckets" : subject pronouns, nouns, verbs, articles, adjectives, adverbs, and negation.

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