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If you plan on auditioning in October 2016 you should be practicing your Bb, F and Chromatic scales every day!!

Beginning Band Members:
Please click on the VIDEO tab above for beginner instrument set up and tone production.

Information for beginning band students and their guardians

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I am excited to start elementary instrumental music lessons very soon. If you are reading this letter your son or daughter is interested in learning an instrument with the opportunity to perform with the district wide elementary school band. The students have seen and heard an instrument demonstration and have been given the choice to play the following instruments: trumpet, flute, alto saxophone, trombone, percussion, and clarinet. Other instruments may be taught if special arrangements are made with the instructor. Due to the number of students and my limited time at each school, I will only be able to take 5th graders from New Suncook and C.A. Snow School. 4th and 5th graders from Brownfield/Denmark Elementary are eligible to join. 

Lessons will take place once a week during the school day and are one half hour in length. A typical lesson will have 3 - 5 students of the same instrument. After February break the instrumental students will have the opportunity to join the band as long as they have shown sufficient progress during the first half of the year. The band will rehearse at Molly Ockett Middle School Tuesday after school 3:00 - 4:30. The year will culminate in a Spring concert at the Leura Hill Eastman Performing Arts Center at Fryeburg Academy.

A few important tips for parents of musicians:

  • Please make sure your child has a space where they can set up their music and practice on a regular basis.
  • A daily routine time is great. 15 Minutes every day is better than 2 hours one day a week. The appropriate muscles won’t be strengthened without regular practice. 
  • Please help keep instruments in good shape by reminding your child to clean wind instruments out after each use and put them back in the case away from very hot (wood stoves etc.) or cold areas of the house (mud rooms etc.). 

Items needed to begin. 

  • A metronome. These supply beats of steady time in order to practice with. They can be purchased at any music store, online, or your child can use 
  • See acquiring an instrument to the right.

There are also free metronome apps available.

  • Clarinet and saxophone players will also need: A box of reeds for their instrument. 2 is a good strength to start with. 
  • Percussionists will also need: Drumsticks (5A is good for starters) and a practice pad. 
  • Flute, clarinet and saxophone students should have a cleaning swab to clean out moisture from the instrument after playing.

Please feel free to call my cell ANYTIME with questions or shoot me an email. I travel between 4 schools. Email is usually best.

Craig Bryan Jr.


Acquiring an Instrument

Once your child has chosen an instrument, the next step is acquiring one to play.  There are a few routes for this: 

  1. Someone in the family already has an instrument. Often family members have instruments in attics or garages that just need a bit of TLC.
  2. Buy an instrument. 
  • The North Conway Music Center is a great place to start.  Stop in and speak with them at your convenience. 
  • Music and Arts is a large company the district has had a relationship with for quite sometime
  • Or Try these retailers
  •  Garage sales, Craigslist and ebay are places to get great deals and also ripped off. If you find something that you are interested in buying I would happy to check it out before you buy.
  • Buy from a friend who has stopped playing

  • 3. Rent an instrument. The two companies above also rent instruments and have rent to own programs. You end up paying a good deal more for an instrument with a rent to own agreement so be careful. 

  • 4. Borrow from a friend or you could try They are a non-profit that works with families in need. 

  • 5. The district has very few instruments to lend and they are not always in the greatest condition. If a family has difficulty obtaining an instrument, I will do whatever I can to make sure that student has an instrument to play. Please speak with me, I will be discrete. 

After acquiring an instrument the real fun begins. Once a week your child will have a private or small group lesson with me in their school, during the school day.  I would like to start lessons as soon as possible so, the sooner the student has an instrument the sooner we can start.

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