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Spring 2021 Virtual Performances

Katey-Anne Clark (Flute)

Katey-Anne Clark FLUTE Perf..mp4

Changes due to COVID 19 .

    • Remote learners that play an instrument will have a ZOOM lesson once per week with the possibility of a larger group ZOOM meeting.

    • Wind players must wear a mask (with a slit for their mouthpiece) and use a bell covering

    • Students can submit videos of themselves performing which will then be used to create virtual talent shows.

7th and 8th Grade District 2 Information

If you plan on auditioning

you should be practicing your Bb, F and Chromatic scales every day!!

Audition Info:

District 2 Website (Practice tracks and dates)

The District 2 Honors Vocal and Instrumental festivals are incredible experiences for student musicians who want to take their skills to a new level. District 2 is made up of towns across Southern Maine from Fryeburg to Portland. Each group has about 100 performers and they perform for an audience of over 300 people! 7th and 8th Grade students must audition for a spot in these select groups. The students who make it in travel with their director (Mr. Bryan or Mr. Bosse) via school bus to the host school Friday morning of the festival weekend. They rehearse all day and then return home. The next morning they return to rehearse most of the day and then perform in a concert that evening. Please make sure the festival dates are open on your calendar before your child signs up to audition. The link above will give you all the dates for the different festivals and auditions. 5th and 6th Graders don't have to audition. They are nominated and selected on a percentage of nominated students. The 5th and 6th grade festival is called Elementary Festival on the website linked above. As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions. craig.bryan@msad72.org