Molly Ockett PTO

Molly Ockett PTO is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports the students of Molly Ockett Middle School. MOMS PTO holds several fundraisers during the school year in order to provide the students and families at MOMS with some fun extras that they otherwise wouldn’t receive. We have sold Innisbrook wrapping paper, Purely American soups and Spirit Wear to raise funds. We have used fundraising proceeds to help buy a membership to Ruth's Reusables for teachers, the scoreboard for the gym, books for the library, postcards for classrooms, frames to display pictures of sports teams, ribbons for the Science Fair, musical instruments for the music department and a megaphone and PA system for the school. We have bought “Makey-Makey” devices for the classroom, planned Teacher Appreciation Week, helped fund numerous field trips and the 8th grade trips to Kezar Lake. We have seeded the graduating 8th graders' class accounts at Fryeburg Academy, held the Turkey Trot, Bowling Night, Nature Night, sponsored dances, assisted with Spring Fling - and more!

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