We took some time and explored what it meant to be a self-direct learner. Virtually overnight we went from sitting in a class and listening to directions to using Google Classroom for our assignments. Yes, there were video meetings to provide some sort of face to face participation but it was still not like the classroom setting. 

We scoured the net looking for resources that show us how to become a truly self-directed learner. We found some sites that were designed for teachers, some sites for students and some sites for parents. We are still not experts on self-directed learning but have become better at using some of these suggested tools that were  provide to us to feel more in control of our learning. This is a mindset that we can continue to use for the rest of our lives.

Here is the actual one week assignment:

Using the material we have been going over (view the slide show for a review), select a topic or question or phenomena or interesting area of science that you would like to explore on your own. Understand this is an opportunity to try out the tools associated with self-directed learning.

Step 1 - Choose your topic or question or phenomena or interesting area of science that you would like to explore on your own.
Step 2 - Fill out the Google Doc SMART-Goals sheet
Step 3 - Fill out the Google Doc Self-Directed Learning Proposal/Contract
Step 4 - Turn in both those documents
Step 5 - Begin your project and try to have some fun with it.
Here are the projects we created. As more work is turned in I will post the links. They were all saved as .pdf so some of the animations won't work.
Ethan St. Pierre     
Emma Keaton        
Why do we get goosebumps? 
Sean Davis           
 Why does a knuckleball Dance?
Wesley Savary     
Knowledge of the Body
Elizabeth Littlefield
Making Marinara Sause
Emily Chaine 
Why do leaves change color?

 Lily Day
Why do I have blue eyes?
Isabel Macht
Why do hair and fingernails grow? 
Olivia Doyle 
Why do stars twinkle?

 Aidan Flanigan
How do planes work?
Zackary Emery 
Amber Gagnon 
Why oceans never freeze
Maeve Jackson 
The Biochemistry of Love
Emma Jordan

 Sebastian Kellas
Why does wood float?
Ethan Lord
Chloe Longpre 
 Austin Warren
Timmy Watson
Nuclear Explosions
Ana Maria Maillett 
 Lillian Openhym
Why oceans don't freeze
Tammy Brain
Green Eyes 
 Boone Douglass
 Heather Shackford
Jordan Smith
Blue Eyes
Hunter Tripp 
Why Oceans Don't Freeze
 Abigail Pratt
Elle Dooley
Skyler Stevens   Sofie KnoxGage Lord   Maisie Corbridge

 Miata GrandchampEmma Keaten 
 Makya Brown Laura Myers
 Heidi Osgood
Blue Eyes
 Joseph Fusco  Victor Serrano Aiden Dean
 Tanner Tripp Michael Sellers  Justin SimmonsMary Wing
Why do animals hibernate?