Upcoming Events:  Parents Advisory Board meetings will be held in Lebanon and Berwick.  

What is Title 1:
Title 1 is a federally funded program designed to help children in need of support in the areas of reading and/or math. A student is identified for support based on district assessment, individual testing and teacher referral. The student information is discussed by the RtI  (Response to Intervention) team, and the child is placed in the appropriate tier and program that would best meet their needs. Title 1 funds are used to support the Response to Intervention process in our district. If possible, additional classroom support is provided during literacy block and Everyday Math instructional time by a Title 1 ed. tech. that is assigned to that classroom. During the school day, students receive additional instruction in either reading or math at a scheduled intervention block. Students are tested at regular intervals throughout the year to determine the amount of progress being made. If a child is functioning at grade level, he is discontinued from Title 1 services.