Overview of our new Proficiency Based Report Card


We believe that grading has many purposes: providing feedback to students, parents, and teachers, documenting progress and guiding instructional decisions. In a competency based system, grades are a reflection of what a student knows and is able to do with it. The purpose of this shift of reporting and assessing is to more accurately and effectively reflect what students know.

NHS English Graduation Standards 8-12

  • Analyzing Informational Text

  • Analyzing Literature

  • Writing

  • Research

  • Speaking and Listening

  • Word Knowledge

Using Competencies and Graduation Standards to Structure Learning

The ELA competencies and Graduation Standards are developed in way that allows both Reading and Writing classes to evaluate a students ability to demonstrate proficiency of skills and content in a way that asks students to use higher level thinking such as: apply, synthesize, create, or evaluate. Our ELA competencies have been framed around the Common Core State Standards and are broken down to manageable student friendly learning targets.

Each graduation standard is outlined with a competency standard and a list of skills and/or knowledge that students should be able to demonstrate by the end of the unit. A competency statement is a one sentence answer to the infamous"Why are we doing this?" question. These statements help frame our learning tasks and describe what skills the student will gain as a result of the specific unit of study. Students will have multiple chances to demonstrate proficiency in each of the competencies throughout the year. The idea is that these skills and knowledge are important and essential for student's to progress. With multiple ways to demonstrate proficiency and the opportunity for reassessment, students will be better prepared to move on.

What We've Accomplished over the past 3 years

Over the past three years we have worked on late start Thursdays in conjunction with the district literacy committee to:
  • Align curriculum scope and sequence vertically 6-12 to better reflect and build upon the previous years learnings.
  • Select Graduation Standards for school
  • Develop and Design our graduation standards through in-depth conversations and analysis of the Common Core State Standards  and how to make them our own.
  • Develop Learning Targets for our Graduation standards:
    • This will guide us to map out skills and knowledge students will learn
    • It is in kid friendly "I can" statements to drive learning.
    • It provides aligned skill development throughout grade levels.
What We're Working On Now

We are in the process of collaboratively designing our Common Performance Assessments across grade levels for our graduation standards. The purpose behind this is: 
  • To provide consistency throughout grade levels
  • To assess higher level thinking
  • To use data to drive instruction for reteach and enrichment
Currently, each grade level has completed 1 common assessment (Analyzing Informational Text) and is in the process of conducting, validating and scoring grade wide. 

What We're Aiming For

Our goal is to have the two Common Performance Assessment completed by the end of year across all grade levels. This includes: 
  • Rigorous, valid assessments that are driven by student learning. 
  • Multi-step projects that require students to demonstrate what they know
  • Real world scenarios in which these skills will be useful.
  • Common scoring through use of our NHS school wide rubric.