Reading Strategies

Suggestions for students:

If I get stuck on a word, I can...

  • Get my mouth ready for the first part
  • Look at the picture
  • Think about what makes sense
  • Look for chunks or word parts
  • Re-read and try again (or skip the word and then re-try)

Suggestions for parents: 

If my child needs help with one-to-one matching:
  • Use your finger
  • Point under the word
  • Did it match? Did you have any words left over? Try it again.

If my child isn't thinking about the text:
  • Look at the picture
  • What are you thinking about the story?
  • Oh no!  What do you think will happen next?
  • Does that make sense?

If my child isn't self-correcting? (fixing their mistakes)
  • Check it.  Does it sound right?  Make sense?
  • Can you go back and try this again?  You almost got it, but not quite.
  • Was there a tricky part?

If my child isn't reading with fluency (reading smoothly, like you are talking):
  • Can you put the words together and say it quickly?
  • Say it as if you were talking.
  • Look at me.  Say it to me as if we're talking.  (The reader does) Try to read like that.
  • Try it like this (you say it quickly and with fluency).