Rebranding our look

“Rebranding is an inward process of recreating your organization’s outward expression of identity.” - Jake Athey

Our current Google sites (Brand) are:

Outdated in many cases

Not consistent

Do not always reflect our educational goals


Goals of Rebrand

Improve communication with our customers (Parents, Students, Co-Educators)

Should be easy to find relevant information.

Consistent look and feel for easy district wide navigation.

Professional looking template for all staff

1 Click Mentality (Important content should be easily accessible and consistent, 1-2 clicks should get a parent or student exactly where they need to be)

In an effort to rebrand our staff websites in order to establish continuity across the district, we have put together this Handy Dandy guide to help you create a new district branded google site.

Our goal is to have all staff use this new look, at the very least, as their new homepage. Staff are welcome to link existing sites to this new homepage.

Create a new Google Site
Step 1
Read all steps.

Step 2
After clicking the appropriate link below (Your School), Click "Use this template" at the top of the page that opens:

                                                                                                                                         ⬆︎ "Use this template"

Step 3
The next page that opens will look like this:

⬅︎ Your template has already been selected.

⬅︎ Please do not select a theme or more options.

Step 4
Name your site using the convention below

Step 5
Click "CREATE" at the top of page.

Step 6
Now that you have read the instructions, click the appropriate link below.

Step 7
Make you site "Public". Click "SHARE" at the top of page (right hand side). Pop-up window is displayed
Click "CHANGE" option under Who has access and on next pop-up select "PUBLIC ON THE WEB". Click "SAVE" button.

Step 8
Enjoy your spiffy new webpage!

Mary Hurd Academy Staff

Central Office or District Staff  (For staff that work in multiple buildings or central office)