Quote of the Month: 

"No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong."  - Albert Einstein


Thursday, 4/2/20: Starting today, 8th grade students will have the option to join Mr. Nadeau in a Zoom Meeting at Noon(not mandatory). Meetings will repeat every Thursday at noon for 8th grade. 7th grade students will have a similar first meeting on Tuesday, 4/7, and repeat every Tuesday (again, not mandatory). The purpose of these meetings is simply to "connect" with students, check in on how things are going educationally and/or personally. These are uncertain times with lots of questions. If we can find some sense of normalcy as a group with these Zoom science meetings, then great! Below is the link for todays meeting, as well as the password. Copy & Paste the link into your URL and use the PW to sign in! Hope to see as many students as possible at NOON!!

LINK:  https://zoom.us/j/614350450?pwd=RUZGZDF5VFJRUkpxL0JvRFNtVEllQT09

PW: 054250

Wednesday, 4/1/20: Below you will find simple directions for the science work to be conducted at home for weeks 3 & 4. 

Directions for finding/downloading documents:


Step 1: Under my picture of my website, there are several links. Click on “Forms and Docs.”


Step 2: There are several folders, simply scroll down until you get to “Chapter 16” and click on this folder.


Step 3: There are four document icons that one can open/download. All worksheets can be found through these document icons. Like last chapter(CH 23), the study guide document (SG16) includes the vocabulary worksheets and the chapter review worksheets. For chapter 16, you will only need to worry about vocabulary, as I am not asking you to complete the chapter review worksheets.


Directions for conducting school work:


Step 1:  Read  Chapter 16, sections 1 & 2 only.


Step 2: Complete 16-1 and 16-2 Vocabulary and Directed Reading worksheets. NOTE: Printing off these documents to write on is one option, but you do not have to print these documents. Feel free to use the online document to get the questions/vocabulary, but you can record your answers in a notebook or something.

Monday, 3/30/20: CORONAVIRUS- COVID 19 UPDATE: In my attempts to conduct a video review of 23-1, it found it to be more beneficial to you to simply post the answer key worksheets for 23-1. If you simply go to my Chapter 23 Folder again (directions to get there are below), you will find answer keys ("AK") for each worksheet. Simply click on those document links, and check/review your answers! Correct any answers that you incorrectly answered. 

As you may recall, we were in Chapter 5 Section 2 of Heredity. You were all assigned to complete 5-2 Vocab and DRWS for HW over the weekend just prior to our school suspension starting. As a result, we did not get the chance to check/review 5-2 Vocab & DRWS. If you have your worksheets with you, feel free to go to my Chapter 5 Folder and like 23-1, check/review your answers using the answer keys ("AK") for 5-2 Vocab and DRWS. 


In seeking online documents for the current closure of school (thru 4/26), please follow the directions below. Please note that things may change as new information comes in daily. If there are any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me or any Kennebec teacher via email! We will do our best to assist in any way, school related or not, and simply help everyone get through these unprecedented times! 

NOTE: I will look to post answers to worksheets/packets assigned, either with an answer key or a short review video (if I can figure it out), the first being on March 30th. With school now suspended until April 27th, I will look to post these reviews every few weeks. 

Directions for finding/downloading documents:

NOTE: work going home this week is not related to what we have been covering recently (Chapter 5: Heredity). 


Step 1: Under my picture of my to the right, there are several links. Click on “Forms and Docs.”


Step 2: There are several folders, simply scroll down until you get to “Chapter 23” and click on this folder and/or the documents found in this folder.


Step 3: There are five document icons that one can open/download. All worksheets can be found through these document icons. Vocabulary and Chapter Review are found under the same icon, CH23SG. 


Directions for conducting school work through 3/30/20:


Step 1:  Read 23-1


Step 2: Complete 23-1 Vocabulary and Directed Reading worksheets.


Step 3: Complete 23-1 Reinforcement worksheets “Matchmaker, Matchmaker” and “Colors of the Heart.”


Step 4: Complete the vocabulary review worksheet “A Hunt with Heart.” This is found with the Colors of the Heart document icon. 


Step 5: Complete the Chapter 23 Review Packet. Please note that we only covered 23-1 and the Cardiovascular System. Any questions relating to other sections/systems (Lymphatic & Respiratory Systems), please do not complete.

Step 6: Separate from the Cardiovascular System, students are encouraged to read 3-4 short news articles that are related to the “Coronavirus-Covid 19” outbreak and write/type a brief summary about the article. These summaries can be done in their Science Journal document they've had all school year.

Friday, 3/13/20: (116/175/4) Today got off to a late start due to a 2 hour delay (inclement weather). As a result, Skills Science met for 10 minutes, and 7S & 8A got to meet for their usual class periods. 7A & 8S did not meet at all. Those that met got the chance to work on their 5-2 Directed Reading and if they did not complete it, it's HW over the weekend. Those that did not meet, or for only a few minutes, they are expected to complete the 5-2 DRWS for HW, all due for Monday!

Thursday, 3/12/20: (115/175/4) All science classes met today and students were able to read and discuss Chapter 5 Section 2. Today's content covered the discovery of genes being located on chromosomes by Walter Sutton! We also covered meiosis, and the importance of sex cells and sex chromosomes. Any extra time at the end of class, students spent getting started on their HW (5-2 vocabulary).

Wednesday, 3/11/20: (114/175/4) All science classes met today and students were provided a little extra time to do last second studying and preparation before taking their 5-1 Quizzes at the end of class. Students were informed to bring colored pencils, if they have them, tomorrow to class, as well as their "artistic ability." 

Tuesday, 3/10/20: (113/175/4) All science classes met today and were able to check/review their homework, which was their "Punnett Square Popcorn" worksheet. When students completed this worksheet, they were able to get a head start on tonights homework, which was to study and prepare for tomorrow's 5-1 Quiz. 

Monday, 3/9/20: (112/175/4) All science classes met today, going over a handful of things. 1. Handed back science binders  2. Handed back Mendel worksheets
3. Handed back MS-LS 1-1 assessment "It Came from the Deep." Discussed the grading process, in addition informed students if they wanted to redo them, they only have today to do so due to grades closing last Friday. 4. We reviewed the weekend HW, 5-1 RWS "Dimples & DNA." When done, assigned their next worksheet "Punnett Square Popcorn" for HW. 

Extra- Learn At Home Resources:

INCREDIBLE EDIBLE CELL PARTY: under the "Class Photos" link, which is found below my picture to the right, you can see some of the pics taken of edible cell projects turned in on 12/18/19. Very well done projects overall, lots of fun, and lots of "yummy" and/or "tasty" treats!!

Under the "Forms and Docs" link is the "Missing Work" document. Updated weekly, any student who is missing work, will have this information posted in their class section under their first name, last initial. So, students and/or parents will be able to access and see directly what assignments they owe. Reminder, if students go more than 2-3 weeks without making up an assignment, then it officially goes into the grade book as an incomplete!

Accessing Homework Online
NOTE: For starters, all homework assignments are posted daily, just click on the "Homework Assignments" link under "Mr. Nadeau's Classroom." (right)

MISSED WORK: Please know that students, for many homework assignments, will have the opportunity to make up assignments on days they are absent. With my "FORMS AND DOCS" link (found under "More Stuff" to the right), some handouts will be available to access. So, in the event a student is absent from science class, please know that a daily announcement is posted to highlight our day(see left). Students/parents can find out what was missed that particular day, in addition be able to access handouts that may have been provided that particular day. However, please note that not all handouts will be accessible, but if I can do it, I will!