Realizing RSU 54/ M.S.A.D. 54’s commitment to maximizing each student’s potential, the Enrichment Resources program has the responsibility to ensure that differentiated educational services are provided for students identified as representing the top three to five percent of intellectually and artistically talented students.  

    The educational needs of identified students encompass intellectual, academic, and artistic concerns as well as a broad range of psychological, emotional, and social needs. Inherent within the implementation of differentiated curriculum, the promotion of higher cognitive skills and creative problem solving methodologies should be integral to the education of identified students.  It is crucial to develop in these students a responsibility toward community, self, school, and others.


Because gifted children learn differently from their age mates, and they suffer when their learning needs are ignored.  Because it is wrong to thwart the intellectual growth of any segment of our school population. . . . All children have the right to learn new concepts in school every day.  As educators, we have a moral obligation to respond to individual differences, including those of the gifted.

Linda Silverman, Ph.D.