MSAD 54 PBE Info Page

This page will include information related to MSAD54's  move to implement a proficiency-based system as required by Maine Law - LD1422 (2012), and LD1627 (2016).  Look for future updates or contact your school administration with questions!

MSAD 54’s Approach: MSAD 54 is taking a common-sense approach to implementing
graduation standards for our students. We believe that having common, attainable expectations for all students makes sense. We believe that to do this right, it’s essential that it be a Pre-K to 12 effort; we are developing a system where students are working on graduation standards that scaffold up through the grades to ensure that their prior learning and skill development helps them be successful in meeting our expectations for graduation. We also believe it’s important not to move too fast. As we increase expectations and opportunities for our students, we’ll also need to provide support and change some of our practices to ensure our learners have multiple opportunities to be successful. (Full Letter)

~ March 3rd, Letter to parents from Jonathan Moody, Assistant Superintendent