Clay container rubric


Rubric –Clay Container 

Art Standards

Does Not Meet

Work in Progress

Meets Standards

Exceeds the Standards

Disciplinary Literacy understands vocab., elements/principles, process, and terminology.


No evidence of understanding.

Consistently working towards project with focus and stays on task.


Understand vocab and concepts



Understands process and work independently experiment for originality in artwork


Creative Expression

Able to transform inspiration and ideas to own work of art

Does not meet deadlines.



Able to meet deadlines and due dates of project.


Completes projects


Demonstrate a creative style & craftsmanship



Creative Problem Solving able to resolve artistic solution with artwork

Cannot work independently.



Needs help with tools and concepts.


Able to use tools/method



Demonstrates a unique way of expression. (glazing with patterns, add uniqueness to clay and color).

Aesthetics & Criticism able to articulate ideas, suggestions with own artworks and other peoples work.

Does not articulate ideas & offering no suggestions.

Has a partial or good understanding of process and uses.

Understands and able to articulate marble process.

Understands and able to led in process and ideas.


Visual & Performing Arts Connection able to connect with careers in art, how art is related to other academic subjects.

Unable to articulate various clay techniques and any connections to career or any academic subjects.

Is aware of form and function


Understands bisque fire, glazing, chemical heat reaction to glazing & firing in kiln.

Able to connect & integrate other academic subjects and/or careers with project.