MSAD54-PD Dinners

MSAD 54  Professional Development Dinners will be offered again for the  2017-18 school year.  The events will be held at the Skowhegan Area High School on the dates listed below. Contact Hours will be awarded to all presenters and  attendees. Dinner will be provided at no cost to participants. There will be Drawings for Prizes

November 30th ~ Ed Camp
    Dinner by Al's Pizza

February 1st ~ Formative Focus with Units of Study/Lucy Calkins Kits (This PD will be for Elementary only) 
    Dinner by Al's Pizza

March 1st ~ Unified Classroom and Learning (Train the Trainer from PowerSchool)
    Dinner by Al's Pizza

March 6th ~ Unified Classroom and PowerSchool Assessments (Train the Trainer from PowerSchool)
     Dinner by the Culinary Arts Program

March 12 (Teacher Workshop Day) Teachers will be working in groups to be introduced to Unified Classroom. In the afternoon
    we will be running an EdCamp where teachers will be able choose and pre-register for sessions. More info on this later.

May 10 ~ Focus by Request (Cancelled)
     Dinner by the Culinary Arts Program

Please feel free to contact:
Erick Murray   474-3339 ex. 2147
Dorothy Small   474-5511 ex. 4166