Schoology Classroom Resources

Schoology gives you a complete online 'Learning Management System' that integrates with PowerSchool’s student information system, assessment, learning, and grade book solutions. This solution gives educators the effective tools, including critical benchmark assessments, they need to see how their instruction is impacting education and provides the only solution that puts student outcomes back at the center of the classroom. We are currently planning training events to help you become comfortable with Schoology. You can get a head start by logging into Schoology and working in the Self-Paced Getting Started course. The In the meantime feel free to make use of the resources on this page and to connect with us if you have any questions or would like more support. and

  Below is MSAD54's connection to PowerSchool Learning. This will work from anywhere and allows you to set up Class Pages for next year.

Below are direct links to the Guides for each of the major aspects of Schoology. The guides are also found when you click the support link within Schoology. 


YouTube Video

Below are links to the guides for our district, created in MSAD 54 for specific district needs. Under Construction as we move from Unified to Schoology. Thank you for your patience.