Mary Hinman

Name: Mary Hinman

Team: Doubletop

Neighborhood: Baxter

Subject: English

Phone: with extension 207-829-4815 ext.2132

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8th Grade English

Trimester 1

We will begin the trimester by reviewing nonfiction reading strategies as we explore the true story of Solomon Northup in a text titled Stolen Into Slavery. Later in the trimester, we will engage in a writing unit where we will write a classification essay practicing research strategies and nonfiction writing.

Other concurrent activities:

Each day we begin class with a writing prompt for 5 minutes, sometimes 10 minutes. The goal for these brief writings is to shorten the time a student needs to engage with the prompt and increase his or her writing fluency, or the amount the student is able to write in the given amount of time.


Throughout the year we have grammar lessons reviewing mostly correct comma usage, but also commonly confused words, correct sentence construction and paragraph writing.


Independent Reading/Homework:

Homework mostly consists of 30 minutes of reading per night. Each week on Friday, students will need to document that they spent the required time reading by completing a reading record of how many pages they have read since the previous week and what book or books have been completed. The expectation is that an average 8th grader who reads 30 minutes per day should complete a book every 2 to 2 1/2 weeks. Students who fail to complete nightly reading will be assigned to read in my room during mastery and study hall periods.

Book project due dates for Trimester 1:

Students are required to find a book to read by 9/9 and bring it to class on 9/10 for independent reading.

book project #1 due 9/24

book project #2 due 10/12

book project #3 due 11/4

book project #4 due 11/22