Community Service Tracking Tutorial

Follow the instructions below to log your community service hours on a spreadsheet!

1. Log into your MSAD51 Google account. Your email address is your graduation year followed by the initial of your first name, your last name, and Your password is msad51 followed by your lunch account number.

3. In Google Docs click create in the upper right hand corner, then click from template.

5. Click "Use this template."

7. When you click on the document, a spreadsheet will appear in a new tab.

9. Click on the "Form" tab at the top of the screen. Then click "Go to live form."

11. Once you have submitted your hours, click on the share button in the upper right hand corner. Share the document with the supervisor of your service activity and your advisor using their email addresses. Your service supervisor must put his or her initials under the "Organization Contact Verification" column.

2. Once you've logged into your account, go to Google Documents.

4. Search for "Community Service Tracking."

6. Exit out of the new tabs so that the only tab left is the homepage of your Google Docs. There should be a new document called "Copy of Community Service Tracking - Lastname, Firstname." Click on this document.

8. Rename the spreadsheet: delete "Copy of" and replace "Lastname, Firstname" with your own name.

10. Fill out the form with the details of your latest service activity. Once you have finished filling out the information and you have hit submit, close out of the new tab and go back to the original spreadsheet. If your newest log doesn't show up, simply hit refresh. Your new submission should look like the picture above.