Academic Departments

    Department  Chair/Director 
    Art  Wes Franklin 
    Computer Technology  Dirk VanCuran 
    English  Deb Pinkham, Barry Mothes 
    Modern and Classical Languages  Grace Leavitt 
    Guidance  Melissa Fowler 
    Health  Denise Allen 
    History  Andy Tureff, Glenn Tracey  
    Industrial Technology  Kelvin Hasch 
    Learning Center  Donna Damon 
    Library  Heather Perkinson 
    Life Skills  Beth Richardson 
    Mathematics  Esther Coyle, Farah Alley, Vanessa Sylvester 
    Music  Kevin Rollins 
    Nurse  Erica Sarapas 
    Physical Education  Denise Allen, Kelvin Hasch 
    Science  Bob O'Neill, Brian Blum, Jan Treadwell 
    Social Services  Peter Scott, Tiffany McPhetres 
    Special Education  Maureen Holland 
    Small Learning Community  A Team Teaching experience available to freshmen